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  1. It's the penultimate week of The Gauntlet III and everyone is worried about how things will play out. The Rookies are especially concerned because they only have two guys left while the Veterans have seven. While hanging out, Veterans Evan and......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. With only two gauntlets left before the final challenge backstabbing and fighting abounds on both teams.


  2. This week's ARMY Strong moment shows how team-work and communication can prevail.


  3. Check out a sneak peek of next week's season finale then make sure you tune in on Weds. March 19th at 10pm ET/PT to see it all go down.


About Episode

  1. It's the penultimate week of The Gauntlet III and everyone is worried

    about how things will play out. The Rookies are especially concerned

    because they only have two guys left while the Veterans have seven.

    While hanging out, Veterans Evan and Kenny decide that they have to cut

    some more of their team's "fat" by throwing the next challenge. At the

    same time, Katie -- some of the fat Evan and Kenny are referring to -- is

    scheming with Rookie Frank about how to keep her in the game. Frank

    thinks Katie is an asset for the Rookies because she's nothing but a

    problem for the Veterans.

    The next day, the teams meet up with host TJ Lavin in front of a giant

    freezer for the "Chill Out" challenge. Inside the freezer are two tanks filled

    with ice water. For the first round, the players must fully jump into the

    freezing water and then jump out. The second round forces everyone to

    submerge themselves neck-deep for five seconds. During each subsequent

    round, everyone has to spend an additional five seconds in the water. If at

    any time a player can't handle it and wants to quit, they just have to exit

    the freezer. The team with the last player standing wins.

    As the challenge begins, the Veteran boys quickly start dropping out in an

    attempt to throw the challenge and send their girls into The Gauntlet.

    Meanwhile, on the Rookie team, Tori's the first to quit. When the first round

    ends, the Rookies have five players left while the Veterans have seven.

    Before the next round begins, though, Veterans Robin and Katie call it

    quits, leaving five players on each team. The rest of the Veterans continue

    to drop off until Danny is the only Vet left.

    In between rounds, the Rookies ask Danny why he hasn't quit yet, since

    they know his team wants to lose. Danny says he'll quit if they promise to

    protect him if the Veterans lose the male Gauntlet challenge. All the

    Rookies agree, except for Frank -- and with that, Danny decides to stay in

    the game.

    When the third round starts, Danny is only able to stay in the water for a

    few seconds before calling it quits. The Rookies win -- and all their girls are

    safe from The Gauntlet and will make it to the final challenge.

    When Danny exits the freezer, the Veteran men are suspicious about his

    motive for staying till the bitter end. They know something's up, but they're

    not sure what ... until Frank tells them what went down inside the freezer.

    Danny denies the allegations, but his teammates just don't believe him.

    During the deliberation, the Rookies have to choose one Veteran to save

    and one to throw into the female Gauntlet. They can't save Katie, as she

    was safe the last time. But since they want her to stay, they come up with

    a plan to help her out if the Vets pick her to go into The Gauntlet. In the

    end, the Rookies decide to save Diem and throw Paula into The Gauntlet.

    The Veterans must then choose the teammate they want to face-off

    against Paula. Katie immediately volunteers to go in, knowing that they

    think she's the weakest link.

    When Katie and Paula learn they'll be playing "Sliders," it quickly becomes

    apparent that Frank is planning on walking Katie through the challenge

    because he's successfully completed it before. Adam, the Veteran's

    resident smarty, decides to step up and help Paula.

    In front of Katie and Paula are two giant puzzles that are all mixed up.

    They must slide the puzzle pieces around until they complete the picture.

    The person who finishes first wins.

    As the challenge begins, Frank and Adam start screaming from the

    sidelines and Katie and Paula follow their commands. With the puppet

    masters at work, it's down to the wire. But Paula is able to pull out a win.

    Katie gives Paula a big hug to show that there are no hard feelings, but

    she completely ignores Adam because she feels he has betrayed her.

    Back at the house, the Veteran guys decide to get to the bottom of what

    Danny was doing in the freezer. Evan and Kenny accuse Danny of making

    a deal with the Rookies. Danny once again denies the allegations, getting

    into a screaming match with them. After hiding in the corner, Frank speaks

    up and lets everyone know exactly what happened inside the freezer -- and

    the Veterans believe him.

    After the blowout, Danny is afraid he's going to be thrown into The

    Gauntlet if the Veterans lose the next challenge. He doesn't want to be

    sent packing when he's potentially close to grabbing the grand prize.

    Meanwhile, the Rookies are determined to hold onto their last two guys.

    That night, everyone is partying and having a good time until CT starts up

    with his usual loudmouthed drunken antics. Frank gets in CT's face

    hoping that CT will punch him and have to go home. But Adam steps in to

    break it up, stopping CT from doing something stupid. Offended, CT

    turns on Adam and pours a beer over his head. When Adam goes after

    him, CT strips off his shirt and gets ready to rumble. But the rest of the

    Veterans step in, ganging up on CT. Frustrated, CT punches a cactus, but

    it's the only punch he lands. After the showdown, Frank tells Adam that if

    he throws the next challenge the Rookies will vote CT into The Gauntlet.

    In the morning, the Veterans and the Rookies head to the next challenge,

    "Well Balanced," where there are two giant wooden platforms tilted to one

    side. The teams will have to spread out on the giant scales and move

    around until they are perfectly balanced. Once balanced, they must hold

    that position for 10 seconds. One point will be awarded each time a team

    successfully does this. The first team to score two points wins.

    As the horn blows, both teams realize how hard it will be. The Rookies

    have fewer players, giving them an advantage, but they can't seem to get it

    together. Meanwhile, the Veterans, who are usually the paragon of

    teamwork and communication, are screaming and fighting with each other.

    Slowly but surely the Rookies begin to formulate a strategy and inch their

    way toward perfect balance while the Veterans are caught in utter chaos.

    While the Vets squabble, the Rookies are able to lock it in and hold their

    position, scoring the first point.

    When the next round starts, the Rookies hop onto their platform, spend a

    few moments getting situated and are able to find that sweet spot again to

    score a second point. Victory! The Rookies win -- and all their guys are

    safe from The Gauntlet and will make it to the final challenge.

    The Rookies must decide on one Veteran guy to save and one to send into

    The Gauntlet. Frank lets his team know about the deal he made with

    Adam, and they're upset he didn't consult them. Although it doesn't seem

    like Adam intentionally threw the challenge, Frank still wants to stand by

    his word. But the rest of the Rookies -- including Frank's partner in crime,

    Jillian -- disagree.

    Frank flies into a frenzy, switching between begging and yelling at his

    teammates. Despite his tearful pleas, the rest of the Rookies think Adam -

    - not CT -- should go into The Gauntlet. Frank begs them to keep Adam

    safe, but it seems to fall on deaf ears.