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  1. Each week of The Gauntlet III is intense from start to finish line, and the contestants are starting to show wear and tear. When Melinda mentions that the Rookies are going to keep losing because they're down so many players, Danny flips out on......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. As the weeks roll on and the Rookies team dwindles in size, the cast members from RW: Austin can no longer keep each other safe.


  2. Check out this week's Army Strong moment from the Gauntlet III!


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About Episode

  1. Each week of The Gauntlet III is intense from start to finish line, and the contestants are starting to show wear and tear. When Melinda mentions that the Rookies are going to keep losing because they're down so many players, Danny flips out on her and an argument ensues. Meanwhile, the Veteran guys continue to plot against the girls, hoping to once again throw a challenge and lose another female teammate. But the girls are onto them and vow to throw a challenge themselves if the guys screw with them. With a female Gauntlet right around the corner, it's on!

    When the Veterans and the Rookies meet host TJ Lavin on the beach, they're told they'll be competing in "Pole Push." Inside a ring, the Veterans will be on one end of a pole while the Rookies are on the other. The team that pushes their opponent outside the ring wins.

    First up are the men, and the Rookies realize they are at a huge disadvantage because they have less teammates on their side of the pole. When the challenge begins, the Rookies decide that their best shot at winning is spinning the hell out of the Veterans, hopefully throwing them off balance and making it easier to shove them over the line. But the Veterans have too much man power and easily beat the Rookies. Now it's up to the Rookie girls to save themselves from The Gauntlet.

    The few remaining Rookie girls know they don't stand a chance against the seven Veterans they're going up against. In fact, Tori flat-out says she isn't going to try very hard because it's a waste of energy. And she's right, it's no contest. The Veterans win, which means the team's girls are safe from The Gauntlet. Now they must choose one Rookie to protect and one to go into The Gauntlet.

    Despite Danny's protests, the Veterans decide to send his fiancée, Melinda, into The Gauntlet and save Rachel. Then the Rookies have to pick one of their own to face-off against Melinda. In the past, the Rookie going into The Gauntlet has picked their own opponent, so Melinda demands that she go up against Jillian. In a flurry of harsh words, Melinda says that if her team doesn't honor her wishes she'll backstab every single one of them. This doesn't sit well with the other Rookies, so they ignore her choice and pick her best friend Tori to go into The Gauntlet.

    At first, Tori refuses to participate in the "Ball Brawl" challenge because her heart's not in the game anymore as things get uglier and uglier. But Brad convinces her to compete, and each person is told they must grab a ball and score a point by making it over the finish line first. Tori puts her game face on and easily scores point after point as Melinda struggles to keep up and Danny watches in disbelief. It's a bittersweet victory for Tori, who no longer has any faith in her teammates. In fact, as Danny and Melinda share a tearful goodbye, she admits she wants her team to lose.

    After the challenge, tensions rise when Danny calls Rookie Johanna a backstabber for not keeping Melinda out of The Gauntlet and Rookies Tori and Jillian get into a screaming match. The night ends with an unpleasant clue about the next day's challenge, which will be "too close for comfort."

    The challenge, "I Dig You," involves two rows of coffins lined up on the beach, in which each team member will be buried two feet underground. There will be one digger who must correctly answer a series of questions before he or she can dig each teammate out of the sand. Whoever unearths all their teammates first wins, so the Rookies have an advantage because they will have considerably less people underground.

    As the Rookies and the Veterans climb into their coffins, everyone starts freaking out -- no one wants to be buried alive! Obviously, there's a lot of pressure on the diggers -- Nehemiah for the Rookies and Evan for the Veterans -- to get them out quickly. As the coffins are covered with dirt, each digger begins answering a series of questions. As their teammates scream from beneath the sand, Nehemiah and Evan both get some key questions wrong. Yikes!

    After missing a few questions, Evan finally scores three correct answers in a row and is allowed to dig up one of his teammates. On a roll, he nails question after question and frees more and more of the Veterans. Meanwhile, Nehemiah struggles with the answers to his questions. While most of the Rookies are trapped, the Veterans are digging up their teammates left and right. At the end, it's neck and neck ... but the Veterans pull out yet another win!

    Once again, the Veterans are safe, which means they won't be losing any guys to The Gauntlet. Now they must choose one Rookie to save and one to throw into The Gauntlet. They decide to protect Ryan and send Frank into The Gauntlet. When it's time for the Rookies to choose who they'll be sending in, they surprisingly pick MJ over Nehemiah.

    In The Gauntlet, MJ and Frank face-off in "Ankle Breaker," where they will be tied together by their ankles as they try to cross the finish line. The Rookies are confident that MJ will win because he's bigger and stronger, but Frank surprises everyone when he holds his own and begins digging a hole to give himself some leverage. Hoping to tire MJ out, Frank digs in and hangs on until MJ loses steam. Frank's perseverance pays off and he's able to cross the finish line.

    As MJ heads home, the Veterans set their sights on their next victim ... and it's one of their own: Coral.