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  1. The Gauntlet is back! And season 3 of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge promises more drama and backstabbing than ever. Wrangling in the troops is host TJ Lavin, who welcomes the contestants to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It's time to get down to......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Watch the madness unfold as the Rookies and Veterens go head to head in the first episode of The Gauntlet III.


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  1. The Gauntlet is back! And season 3 of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge promises more drama and backstabbing than ever. Wrangling in the troops is host TJ Lavin, who welcomes the contestants to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

    It's time to get down to business! Two teams are formed -- it's Veterans vs. Rookies. The Rookies are made up of players who have only participated in one challenge or are completely new to the whole experience. The Veterans are made up of players who have done two or more challenges. Yup, it's old pros against newbies.

    On the Veteran team are Ev, Katie, Adam, Casey, Eric, Beth, Brad, Robin, Danny, Paula, Kenny, Coral, Johnny and Evan. Also on the same team are volatile couple Diem and CT. Diem is excited that they're teammates but admits that they're both very competitive -- she knows damn well that CT would vote her off as quickly as anyone else!

    The Rookies are comprised of Nehemiah, Janelle, Tyrie, Angel, Rachel, Tyler, Brooke, Melinda, Derek, Frank, Zach, Tori, Alex, Jillian, Ryan and Johanna. That means Melinda and her fiancé Danny are being split up, but before they're separated they both agree they won't vote each other off.

    Once the teams are in place, TJ explains that the rules have changed for The Gauntlet III. Not only will the winning team get to choose who goes into The Gauntlet, but they also get to choose who will stay out of The Gauntlet. Then, the losers get to choose another member of their team to enter The Gauntlet. And that's not all ... team bank accounts have been eliminated. Instead, the winning team will receive $300,000, to be split amongst the players who make it all the way to the end. It's all or nothing.

    Before the main challenges begin, there is a competition to determine the sleeping arrangements. The team that wins a tug-of-war competition gets first pick!

    Once the whistle blows, everyone gets low to the ground and pulls with all their might. But in the end the Veterans come through with a win. They get to set up camp inside the palatial estate and pick the best beds, while the Rookies will have to rough it out back in a hut full of bunk beds. The Veterans hope this is a sign of things to come.

    Bugs and one shower plague the Rookies in their ramshackle digs and archenemies Coral and Beth will be bunking together, which could get ugly. But the Rookies remain optimistic that they'll win The Gauntlet and walk away with the grand prize.

    Once everyone gets settled, Tyler is excited to meet his Rookie teammate Brooke because he thinks she's totally ca-razy. It turns out that Brooke is now completely turned off by men and has come out of the closet as a lesbian. Once the cat's out of the bag, Brooke and Veteran Ev start making out, which inspires Tyler and Rookie Ryan to do the same. Then, as Veteran Paula gets cozy with both Derek and Adam, it seems like everyone's hooking up!

    The next day, the Veterans and the Rookies receive a message warning them that it's time to get dirty, so they grab their bathing suits and head out to their first challenge.

    It's time for "Piñata Pit," where a piñata hangs over a two-foot deep mud pit. When the piñata opens up, orange and green balls will drop into the pit. The girls must grab the green while the guys need to scoop up the orange. Whoever leaves the pit without a ball will be eliminated from the next round of the challenge. It's no holds barred, so tackling is allowed and balls can be stolen. The piñata will be reloaded again and again until just one guy and one girl is left. If the winners are from opposing teams, there will be a final face-off to decide which team wins.

    As the piñata breaks open, everyone runs for the mud and it's clear that everyone is out for blood. Not only is the challenge dirty, but also the contestants are playing dirty with lots of choking, kicking, punching and double-teaming.

    The Veterans quickly take the lead, eliminating the Rookies one by one. But soon, Rookies Janelle and Tori decide to work together to make sure Tori is the last woman standing. Their teamwork pays off and it comes down to Tori and Veteran Robin, and Tori wins. For the men, Veteran Eric is the one who holds his own.

    With a tied game, it's time for sudden death. Each team must pick a guy to go back into the mud for the final face-off. The Rookies choose Derek while the Veterans pick CT. Derek takes the early lead, grabbing the ball, but CT is all over him and quickly brings the Veterans to victory.

    TJ announces that it's going to be a male Gauntlet and, since the Veterans won the Piñata Pit, all male Veterans are safe. The winning team has the luxury of picking which Rookie will head into The Gauntlet and which one will remain safe. They chose to save Ryan and send Nehemiah into The Gauntlet. Then the Rookies decide that they want Nehemiah to choose which teammate he wants to go up against. He picks Alex because they're about the same size.

    In The Gauntlet, Nehemiah and Alex will be competing in "Force Field," where the players are connected to each other with a rope that is being suspended by a pulley. When one player moves forward, the other moves back. The first person to reach the finish line wins.

    Nehemiah gets a solid start, but Alex slowly catches up. As the competition carries on, both of the competitors are exhausted, so Nehemiah decides to wait it out and wear down Alex. His scheme works and Alex eventually throws in the towel, allowing Nehemiah to cross the finish line. The Rookies are sad that Alex must go home but glad that tough guy Nehemiah is staying.

    Back at the house, Veterans Katie and Robin discuss how some of their male teammates have focused on eliminating the girls because they see women as weak links. Katie and Robin plan on turning the tables.

    While partying that night, Veteran CT gets a little drunk and out of hand, talking smack to anyone who comes his way. When Coral approaches him about trashing his teammates, CT waves his hand in her face, causing an argument. Hoping to break things up, Diem asks CT to come to bed but he refuses. Frustrated by the fact that he's running his mouth off, Diem storms off. Will The Gauntlet III break this couple up?