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It's down to the final four with $300,000 on the line and a mountain between the challengers and the cash.

Watch The Reunion

Maria Menounos examines the meatiest 'Fresh Meat' hookups and re-ignited old rivalries.

Raw Meat

Noor, Pete, Jenn and Jill return to re-hash the finale and their 'Fresh Meat' experience.

Challenge Dailies

Learn how Landon prepared to take on the final Challenge.

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  1. Pete talks about being the only 'Fresh Meat' male to win money.

  2. Flip through all the Fresh Meat II Team photos.

  3. Find out how you can be considered for a spot in the Real World House.

Songs from the show

    1. Ryan Donn  ‘There For You'

    1. Automatic Static  ‘Bowdown'

    1. Salme Dahlstrom  ‘Ready For Fun'

    1. All Time High  ‘Low Mind'

    1. Close Your Eyes  ‘The Body'

    1. Destrophy  ‘Reconnect'

    1. Set Your Goals  ‘The Few That Remain'

    1. Alex Mercier  ‘Closer'

    1. OttO Vector  ‘Charlie Mix'

    1. Sing It Loud  ‘Give It Up'

About The Challenge: Fresh Meat II

  1. Fresh Meat II pairs 13 brand new challengers with 13 veterans in one of the most dramatic Challenges to date. Strategy is key in Fresh Meat II, and alliances hold more value than friendships. But it's the old rivalry between Kenny and Wes that drives the competition...on and off the playing field...and only the most cunning will survive.

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