Songs from the show

    1. Find Vienna  ‘Chemistry'

    1. Fantastadon  ‘Anesthesiologist (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)'

    1. Close But Not Quite  ‘Own Up'

    1. The Steps  ‘Loose Mind'

    1. The Mission Veo  ‘Modern Rules'

    1. Mod Amish  ‘Involving A Hearse'

    1. Set Your Goals  ‘Gaia Bleeds'

    1. Cycle Of Pain  ‘5'

    1. BZ Lewis  ‘5th Element'

    1. Officer Kicks  ‘The Automatic'

    1. Valencia  ‘What Are You Doing, Man? That's Weird!'

    1. Celldweller  ‘Louder Than Words'

    1. The Trampolies  ‘The Need'

    1. Southpaw Swagger  ‘It Ain't Over'

    1. Stars Go Dim  ‘Get Over It'

    1. Spring Tigers  ‘Just Suggesting'

    1. The Steps  ‘Cold Floors'

    1. Element57  ‘Swept Away'

    1. Four Letter Lie  ‘It's Finally Over'

    1. Destrophy  ‘The Story Of Your Life'

    1. Celldweller  ‘Subterra'

    1. Idlemine  ‘Revaluation'

    1. Hydrovibe  ‘Nothing Left To Lose'

    1. Shy For Shy  ‘Angel'

    1. Tracy Johnson  ‘Baby I Hope You're Wrong'