Songs from the show

    1. Celldweller  ‘Surgical'

    1. Burn Down The Mission  ‘Run'

    1. I Rival  ‘The Pieces'

    1. Element 57  ‘Speak So Loud'

    1. Nyki Lindsay King  ‘Don't Box Me In'

    1. OTEP  ‘Rise, Rebel, Resist'

    1. The Rocketboys  ‘We Are A Lighthouse'

    1. Idlemine  ‘Nasty'

    1. Destrophy  ‘Send In The Wolves'

    1. The Little Heroes  ‘We All Get To An End'

    1. Colourslide  ‘Losing Ground'

    1. Tracy Johnson  ‘Every Word I Meant It'

    1. Ryan Alexander  ‘Fight What'

    1. The Seams  ‘You're No Fantasy'

    1. Close But Not Quite  ‘Nights Like This'

    1. The Days The Nights  ‘He Conquered, He Spared'

    1. 3 Inches Of Blood  ‘Fierce Defender'

    1. Hello Operator  ‘Piece Of My Heart'

    1. Mackintosh Braun  ‘I Won't Fall'

    1. Shy For Shy  ‘Angel'