Songs from the show

    1. Approaching Nirvina  ‘Just Seventeen'

    1. Spring Tigers  ‘New Improved Formula'

    1. The Downtown Fiction  ‘Living Proof'

    1. Southpaw Swagger  ‘Can't Stop Now'

    1. BZ Lewis  ‘Hills Of Death'

    1. Nations Afire  ‘Fastcar (Jump)'

    1. CeCile  ‘Gets My Man'

    1. Black Gold  ‘Idols'

    1. doublethink  ‘Get Your Gun'

    1. The Days The Nights  ‘Her Name Is Alice'

    1. Oh No Not Stereo  ‘Let's Get It Started'

    1. Nations Afire  ‘Exit Strategy'

    1. Winds of Plague  ‘The Great Stone War'

    1. Novadriver  ‘You Want Yours, You Want Mine'

    1. The Audition  ‘Over My Head'

    1. Blue Stahli  ‘Overklock'

    1. The Downtown Fiction  ‘No Typical Thursday Night'

    1. Hit The Lights  ‘Drop The Girl'

    1. Colour Academy  ‘In Line'

    1. I Will Never Be The Same  ‘I'm Not The One'

    1. Throttlebody  ‘Two Buck To Die'

    1. Far East Movement  ‘Holla Hey'

    1. DJ Assault  ‘Roll Wit Me'

    1. Brothers At Sea  ‘Your Broken Bones'

    1. New Roman Times  ‘Belle Du Jour'

    1. Blue Stahli  ‘East'

    1. The Days The Nights  ‘He Conquered, He Spared'

    1. Celldweller  ‘Solaris'

    1. Burn Down The Mission  ‘Bulletproof'

    1. New Roman Times  ‘West End World'