Songs from the show

    1. Rise For Order  ‘Cut'

    1. Danny Echo  ‘I Can't Take It Anymore'

    1. Sing It Loud  ‘Give It Up'

    1. The Keds  ‘19 To 25'

    1. Brothers At Sea  ‘A Long Initiation'

    1. For The Foxes  ‘Fastcar (Jump)'

    1. CeCile  ‘Gets My Man'

    1. Black Gold  ‘Idols'

    1. doublethink  ‘Get Your Gun'

    1. The Days The Nights  ‘Her Name Is Alice'

    1. Oh No Not Stereo  ‘Let's Get It Started'

    1. Nations Afire  ‘Exit Strategy'

    1. Element57  ‘Today'

    1. The Working Title  ‘Blind'

    1. Chemcoma  ‘In Time'

    1. Ty Blaze  ‘Mercy'

    1. Stephen Stahl  ‘Secret Weapon'

    1. Jamie's Elsewhere  ‘The Politics Of Knife Fighting'

    1. The Kin  ‘Blue on Blue'

    1. DrawCard  ‘Running For Their Lives'

    1. Pre-Fight Hype  ‘It's All Live'

    1. Shy For Shy  ‘Fire'

    1. The Trampolines  ‘Letter'

    1. Cycle of Pain  ‘5'

    1. Sparks The Rescue  ‘Hello Mexico'