Songs from the show

    1. Subverse  ‘This Or The Apocalypse'

    1. 3 Inches of Blood  ‘Battles and Brotherhood'

    1. Stone Parade  ‘Faith And Love'

    1. Styles of Beyond  ‘Nine Though (Grant Mohrman Superstars Remix)'

    1. This Or The Apocalypse  ‘Charmer'

    1. Close Your Eyes  ‘Bitter Path'

    1. Magnet School  ‘Crush'

    1. Asking Alexandria  ‘Nobody Don't Dance No More'

    1. Taproot  ‘It's Natural'

    1. Attention  ‘Everything I've Ever Wanted'

    1. 3 Pill Morning  ‘Confrontation'

    1. Celldweller  ‘Tainted'

    1. Cycle Of Pain  ‘Down Witcha Pain'

    1. A Common Year  ‘Used To This'

    1. Fall Back Plan  ‘Spin'

    1. Hold For Swank  ‘Andre Extra Dry Has A Possee'

    1. Hydrovibe  ‘Suture'

    1. Meme  ‘Shattered'

    1. The Rocketboys  ‘Western Winds'

    1. Automatic Static  ‘Keys To Heaven'

    1. Comeback Kid  ‘Get Alone'

    1. We Are The Arsenal  ‘Strangers'