Songs from the show

    1. Eastbound  ‘Crystals'

    1. Call The Cops  ‘Ain't Life Grand'

    1. Future Funk Squad  ‘Rippin' It Up'

    1. Hey Champ  ‘Shake'

    1. Throttlerod  ‘Horse Paw'

    1. Evans Blue  ‘Can't Go On'

    1. Celldweller  ‘The Best It's Gonna Get'

    1. Val Emmich  ‘Gone'

    1. Ben Broussard  ‘Tent'

    1. Angry Chiwawah  ‘Turns To Stone'

    1. We Are The Arsenal  ‘Cities By The Sea'

    1. Meme  ‘Shattered'

    1. The Forwards  ‘The Last Summer'

    1. Hello Operator  ‘Piece Of My Heart'

    1. Shy For Shy  ‘So In Time'

    1. Attention  ‘Back To The Line'

    1. Watt White  ‘Beat You'

    1. Ardent Falls  ‘Nothing Left To Burn'

    1. Throttlerod  ‘Hell's Wishing Well'