Songs from the show

    1. DJ Assault  ‘Panties On The Ground'

    1. Eyes Set To Kill  ‘The Listening'

    1. Close Your Eyes  ‘A Proclamation'

    1. Earth At Night  ‘Shackles'

    1. Picture Me Broken  ‘Breaking The Fall'

    1. The Years Gone By  ‘Reckless'

    1. Comeback Kid  ‘Balance'

    1. All The Right Moves  ‘The Monster I've Become'

    1. Evans Blue  ‘The Future Is The End'

    1. Asking Alexandria  ‘A Single Moment of Sincerity'

    1. The Trampolines  ‘Shelter'

    1. Magnet School  ‘Crush'

    1. Liars Scene  ‘Liars Scene'

    1. Beneath The Sheets  ‘Cold Feet'

    1. The Compromise  ‘Have Mercy'

    1. Kanary Diamonds  ‘Hangover'

    1. Close Your Eyes  ‘The Body'