Songs from the show

    1. William Control  ‘Don't Cry For Me'

    1. All Time High  ‘Tight Rope'

    1. Red Giant  ‘Chopper'

    1. Call It A Night  ‘Sing This Back'

    1. 3 Inches Of Blood  ‘Silent Killer'

    1. The Days The Nights  ‘Greenlight'

    1. Destrophy  ‘Rise Of The Overman'

    1. Raining and OK  ‘Safety Net'

    1. Detroit Pony Express  ‘Laughing Man'

    1. Ten Year Vamp  ‘Never Know'

    1. I Will Never Be The Same  ‘I'm Not The One'

    1. Burn Down The Mission  ‘Talk You Down'

    1. Curious  ‘I'm Not Alone'

    1. London  ‘Tools of Persuasion'

    1. Italian Japanese  ‘Ladybird'

    1. Close Your Eyes  ‘Song For The Broken'

    1. Close Your Eyes  ‘Wake Up!'

    1. The Boys Of Summer  ‘My Best Interest'

    1. We Are The Arsenal  ‘Heroes For Sale'

    1. Phil Marshall  ‘Hijacked'