Songs from the show

    1. Sister Sin  ‘Built To Last'

    1. Four Letter Lie  ‘Surrender'

    1. Asking Alexandria  ‘If You Can't Ride Two Horses At Once You Should Get Out Of The Circus'

    1. We Are The Arsenal  ‘Heading For Hell'

    1. 3 Inches Of Blood  ‘Silent Killer'

    1. Southpaw Swagger  ‘Back Up'

    1. Sister Sin  ‘I Stand Alone'

    1. Breathe Electric  ‘Let Go'

    1. Future Funk Squad  ‘Alien'

    1. The DNC  ‘Jungle Flames'

    1. Love Meets Lust  ‘Cop Lights'

    1. Ardent Falls  ‘Centermass'

    1. Nations Afire  ‘Curtain Call'

    1. The Bourbon Saints  ‘Bruises'

    1. The Years Gone By  ‘Follow Me Home'

    1. Magnet School  ‘Crush'

    1. Sammy Allen  ‘Behind The Sun'

    1. The Beatards  ‘Checkin Out'

    1. Evans Blue  ‘Say It'

    1. One Eyed Doll  ‘Beautiful Freak'

    1. Hydrovibe  ‘Nothing Left To Lose'

    1. Call It A Night  ‘She's Got Game'

    1. Cycle Of Pain  ‘Down Witcha Pain'

    1. Spring Tigers  ‘Just Suggesting '