Songs from the show

    1. B.R.A.M.  ‘Flowers'

    1. Close Your Eyes  ‘Something Needs To Change'

    1. Sister Sin  ‘Beat Em Down'

    1. Dion Roy  ‘Long Way Down'

    1. The Beatards  ‘Sickness'

    1. Sister Sin  ‘Heading For Hell'

    1. Future Funk Squad  ‘Bring This On'

    1. Curious  ‘Open Your Eyes'

    1. Antler  ‘Deep In A Hole'

    1. Atreyu  ‘This Flesh A Tomb'

    1. Hold For Swank  ‘The Record Skips'

    1. Italian Japanese  ‘Ladybird'

    1. The Bourbon Saints  ‘Bruises'

    1. We Shot The Moon  ‘The Waters Edge'

    1. Southpaw Swagger  ‘Back Up'