Songs from the show

    1. Tracy Johnson  ‘Does It Really Matter'

    1. The Power Cords  ‘Modern Oldie Radio'

    1. Evans Blue  ‘Can't Go On'

    1. Asking Alexandra  ‘Nobody Don't Dance No More'

    1. Fall Back Plan  ‘One More Try'

    1. Farewell To Freeway  ‘What Happens in Viper City, Stays In Viper City'

    1. Sister Sin  ‘Heading For Hell'

    1. Goodnight Sunrise  ‘Trophy Girls'

    1. Colourside  ‘Lost Again'

    1. Cycle Of Pain  ‘Dead Man Walking'

    1. The Beatards  ‘Fumando'

    1. Five Times August  ‘Up To Me'

    1. Kingsley  ‘The Game'

    1. Kanary Diamonds  ‘I'm On Top'

    1. Call It A Night  ‘Sing This Back'

    1. Rise For Order  ‘Out Of Control'

    1. Fall Back Plan  ‘Spin'

    1. Throttlerod  ‘Buffalo'

    1. Thieves and Villains  ‘American Boy'

    1. Beneath The Sheets  ‘Pistols'