Songs from the show

    1. Jared Lee Gosselin  ‘Cocaine Sex'

    1. Attention  ‘Whispers'

    1. Mod Amish  ‘Involing A Hearse'

    1. Call It A Night  ‘On Green We Go'

    1. Grant Morhman  ‘Position Knuckle Dust'

    1. Fall Back Plan  ‘One More Try'

    1. Gozu  ‘Meat Charger'

    1. Celldweller  ‘Pulsar'

    1. Ten Year Vamp  ‘Another Try'

    1. Fall Back Plan  ‘My Kite'

    1. A Common Year  ‘Used To This'

    1. Meme in The Groove  ‘Shattered'

    1. Life Love Misery  ‘Masquerade'

    1. Element  ‘Too Close'

    1. Beneath The Sheets  ‘Two In The Morning'

    1. Evan's Blue  ‘Sick Of It'

    1. Jeff Caudill  ‘She's On The Outside'

    1. John Pregler  ‘Position Music'

    1. Sister Sin  ‘Better Than Them'

    1. Hold For Swank  ‘Andre Extra Dry Has A Posse'

    1. Hello Operator  ‘Take Me Away'

    1. Jared Lee Gosselin  ‘The Best Day'

    1. Asking Alexandria  ‘Nobody Don't Dance No More'