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  1. TJ Lavin, the host for your favorite MTV show, the RW/RR Challenge, is so much more than meets the eye. When he's not hosting The Challenge, he's crushing the dirt on his BMX bike. TJ was born and raised in sunny Las Vegas, where dirt and mountains...   Read More »

  2. Simply put, there has never been a player quite like Abram on a Challenge. Who else could brush aside dozens of wasp stings like he did on The Island and go about his day as if nothing had happened? Intense to the core, this fearless veteran of...   Read More »

  3. Although she is a new to The Challenge, Ayiiia is already thinking about how she wants to play her game, explaining, "I definitely want to be less of a troublemaker, but if someone gets in my face, of course I'm gonna roar back. That's just how it...   Read More »

  4. Brad returns to the game as a happily married man, alongside his wife and fellow competitor, Tori. This time around, Brad has a clear goal in mind, explaining, "I feel more grounded than I've ever felt on a Challenge. I'm just looking forward to...   Read More »

  5. Last seen getting disqualified for drinking a beer before an Exile on Fresh Meat 2, Brandon is convinced that his performance will speak for itself this time around. He confidently explains, "You don't have to get into the politics of backstabbing,...   Read More »

  6. Camila was one of the winners of Spring Break Challenge and is here to prove that she can make it in the big leagues, as well. This exotic beauty was born in Sao Paola, Brazil and has lived in the United States for ten years. Currently, she is a...   Read More »

  7. Cara Maria is back with a lot to prove after being eliminated first with partner Darrell during Fresh Meat 2. Since her defeat, Cara Maria has zeroed in on her flaws, offering, "I can say that one of my weaknesses is my brain. Physically, I can do...   Read More »

  8. Everyone already knows that Chet is the nice guy from Real World: Brooklyn, who couldn't hurt a fly, right? Well, think again. After being eliminated first on The Ruins, Chet has learned a valuable lesson, explaining, "I went out there and I was...   Read More »

  9. Last seen stumbling around drunk on The Island, Dan has made on of the biggest life changes of anyone in the game. He explains, "I went into recovery for my alcoholism. I quit drinking and got real healthy, fixed my life. I got my head in the...   Read More »

  10. Although he is new to the game, Derek is well aware of how newbies can be treated, revealing, "There's a lot at stake here. Since it's my first Challenge, I know I'm gonna be on the chopping block because I'm here with a lot of people who have done...   Read More »

  11. A true Challenge legend, this pint-sized Road Rules: Xtreme veteran is one of the most feared players in the game. Strong, tenacious, and full of heart, Derrick finds inspiration in winning from his wife and son. While halfway around the world,...   Read More »

  12. Dunbar, an alum from Real World: Sydney has quickly become a familiar face on The Challenge. Unfortunately, he has failed to win during any of his three appearances. This Southern hunk plans on breaking that losing streak at long last, stating,...   Read More »

  13. Having quit her job as a Hooters waitress, Emilee is looking to go back to school and begin studying television production. Before hitting the books, however, she is anxious to get her first Challenge under her belt. This eager newcomer from The...   Read More »

  14. A fierce competitor and a seasoned athlete, Emily is thrilled to be appearing on the Challenge. She shares, "I love competition and I've wanted to do this forever. I am so ready to be here!" Emily's enthusiasm may be dampened when she learns that...   Read More »

  15. Things have changed for Eric in a big way since we last saw him on The Duel 2. He proudly states, "I wanted to do a healthy weight loss, but for me it had to be a full out lifestyle change." Successfully shedding thirty-five pounds hasn't stopped...   Read More »

  16. A Challenge rookie, JD is eager to make a name for himself, claiming, "I have nothing to lose and everything to prove." This dolphin trainer has recently relocated to San Diego. JD looks forward to representing the gay community and hopes America...   Read More »

  17. Jenn walked away from her last Challenge with two things she was not expecting: a committed relationship with her Fresh Meat 2 boy-toy Pete and a new determination to finally win the game. Having fallen just short of reaching the jackpot last time,...   Read More »

  18. Love him or hate him, Challenge¬ smartass Johnny returns to the game, ready to talk some trash and make some cash. Having won both The Island and The Ruins, Johnny is confident that Cutthroat will boost his bank account even further. However,...   Read More »

  19. Since her last appearance on The Ruins, Katie has ended her engagement, but has quickly recovered, revealing, "I'm probably the happiest I've been in a while. I left Chicago after my engagement ended and decided to move to Tennessee to go to school...   Read More »

  20. Ask Laurel why she's doing another Challenge and she'll cut right to the chase, "I'll tell you why I'm doing this Challenge -- because there's a good possibility that I could win." With confidence like that, it's no wonder that this Fresh Meat 2...   Read More »

  21. After exceeding everyone's expectations on Fresh Meat 2, Luke is looking to prove that there is more to him than meets the eye. Happy to be competing without a partner this time, he looks forward to making a name for himself, "I want to prove...   Read More »

  22. Fresh Meat no more, Mandi is back for her second Challenge and hoping that a Cutthroat victory will help pay for school. Her impressive performance in Fresh Meat 2 surprised even herself and has provided the twenty-two year-old student with the...   Read More »

  23. Melinda is back for another Challenge and is confident that the third time will be the charm. Melinda may be best remembered for her long running romance and marriage with Real World: Austin sweetheart Danny. However, the couple has recently...   Read More »

  24. "The last time you saw me, I was screaming and crying and falling down on Fresh Meat 2. Yet another loss under my belt," reveals veteran Paula. This six-time Challenge competitor is also a six-time loser and she is more than hungry for her first...   Read More »

  25. Back for her third competition, Sarah explains her lessons learned, "First Challenge, I learned confidence, making it all the way to the end. Second Challenge, I learned humility, getting sent home second. And this Challenge, hopefully third time...   Read More »

  26. Shauvon's most infamous Challenge moment came during The Ruins, when she took a nasty tumble into the water and had a rather unexpected reaction. She explains, "I thought I busted my implant. But I didn't. They're still here, luckily! I guess...   Read More »

  27. Theresa entered the world of The Challenge with a splash, finding herself in the middle of a love triangle on Fresh Meat 2. No longer a rookie, she does not intend to make the same mistake twice, professing, "I learned on Fresh Meat 2 to keep your...   Read More »

  28. No one knows the pressures of the game more than Tori did during The Duel 2 with then-fiancé, Brad. She recalls, "Brad and I started fighting about the game, which turned into an argument about our personal lives. I gave Brad the ring back, which...   Read More »

  29. Some Challenge newcomers may be here in hopes of winning big or having a crazy time, but Ty is a man on a mission. This young powerhouse proclaims, "I'm here to redeem myself." Looking to shake the bad reputation that he earned on the Real World:...   Read More »

  30. Tyler has come to Cutthroat in hopes letting loose and having a good time with good friends. He jokes, "I'm always like the second person to go home. So my goal being here right now is to be at least third." All kidding aside, Real World: Key...   Read More »

  31. This Bostonian gym rat is none too happy about his early elimination in Fresh Meat 2. Vinny freely admits that he is not the smartest or most levelheaded competitor, but he is hell bent on proving that physically, he is a force to be reckoned with....   Read More »