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  1. Last week on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Inferno 3, the Good Guys steamrolled over the Bad Asses and banked 10K, putting them in the lead. Then, at The Inferno deliberations, mainstays Jenn and Susie were chosen for The Inferno for the third......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. With both of their heads on the chopping block, Susie and Jenn attempt to win the life shield, plus drama begins to surface in the Good Guys' camp.


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  1. Last week on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Inferno 3, the Good Guys steamrolled over the Bad Asses and banked 10K, putting them in the lead. Then, at The Inferno deliberations, mainstays Jenn and Susie were chosen for The Inferno for the third time.

    By now you'd think that Bad Ass Jenn would be used to the idea of heading into The Inferno. She's an old pro -- she's headed into and survived every female Inferno thus far -- but she says she's not ready to go. Good Guy Susie, on the other hand, should be worried. Up to this point she has successfully been able to avoid the grasp of The Inferno by winning Life Shields. With another challenge ahead of them before their possible elimination, both Susie and Jenn have one last chance at immunity.

    On the night before the challenge, Cara worries about the possibility of losing Susie, her closest ally, to The Inferno. As Susie packs her bags, Cara says she'll do whatever she can to make sure that Susie isn't eliminated. Susie assures Cara that, whether she enters The Inferno or not, she is determined to make it to the final challenge.

    Over on the patio, Jenn and Derrick contemplate Jenn's future and the upcoming challenge. Jenn, who is convinced that she will be thrown into The Inferno every time there's an opportunity, tells Derrick that she isn't leaving without a fight.

    The next day, both teams head to the Oak Valley Estate in Elgin, South Africa, for the next challenge, "Giraffic Park." There are 15 covered cages in Giraffic Park. Each cage holds a unique, hand-carved wooden giraffe. Each team member will randomly select one cage and study the giraffe inside. Then they'll have to cross a lake to a field containing 15 other hand-carved giraffes, find an exact match and head back to the cage. When they have indeed found the perfect match, they'll be able to unlock the cage and place the giraffes together.

    If a team member picks the wrong giraffe, they must cross the lake again and find the right one. There's a 30-minute time limit for each team member. The team with the fastest average time wins, banking 10K. Plus, the guy and the girl with the fastest time will win Schwinn scooters. But, really, it's all about Susie and Jenn gunning for the Life Shields so that they won't have to face off in The Inferno.

    First up are Good Guy Alton and Bad Ass Jannelle, who take their time studying their giraffes. When they both return with what they think are the correct giraffes, the Good Guys begin to worry when Alton can't open his cage. Janelle has no problem opening her cage and is the first to complete the challenge.

    Bad Ass Abe is up next, and he quickly realizes that the giraffes are almost impossible to tell apart. As Abe searches for a match, Alton returns to the cage with his second incorrect match. As Alton makes his way back from his third trip across the river, Abe successfully opens his cage, just in time for Alton to hit his 30-minute time limit and get disqualified.

    The next team members up are Bad Ass Kenny and Good Guy Cara. While they are picking out their giraffes, Cara deliberately takes her time and even goes as far as faking a fall in order to help Susie win the Life Shield. Even so, Cara finishes in time while Kenny gets himself DQed for taking too long.

    When it's John's turn, he notices that each giraffe has a number etched into one of its legs. Using that information to his advantage, John is able to identify his giraffe in record time. After finishing, John frantically tries to explain the etchings to the rest of the Good Guys but the information falls on deaf ears as Ace starts his leg of the race. When Ace has a difficult time finding his giraffe, Cara starts telling everyone that John purposefully kept the info about the etchings to himself so he could win the Schwinn scooter.

    Once the rest of the contestants finish up, host T.J. Lavin announces that, because Bad Asses Kenny and Ev were DQed, the Good Guys will bank the $10,000 because they have the fastest average time. Because they had the best times on their teams, Bad Ass Janelle and Good Guy Paula receive this week?s Life Shields. And because John had the fastest time on his team, he wins the Schwinn scooter.

    That night, after Janelle and Paula both pass on using their Life Shields, Jenn and Susie head into The Inferno. This week?s Inferno is called "Zero Gravity," which consists of two ladders with eight flags at the top of each. Both Janelle and Paula will be attached to harnesses, making it very easy to climb the ladder but difficult to come down. The first team member to bring four of the eight flags to the bottom of the ladder wins.

    After a strong start, Jenn fumbles with her flag and loses her lead to Susie, who's able to stay ahead for the remainder of The Inferno. Susie scores two points before Jenn even scores one. In the end, Susie comes out on top and Jenn is forced to head home.

    After The Inferno, John tries to squash the rumor that Cara started about him not telling the whole team about the etchings on the giraffes. When Ace refuses to believe that John tried to give him a heads up, a visibly upset John turns to Paula for support. After some convincing from Paula and John, Ace begins to see the bigger picture -- Cara is talking trash because she wants to divert attention away from the fact that she threw the challenge so that Susie could stay. The boys ain't having it, though, and swear they won't let Cara and Susie drive a wedge between them.