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  1. Now that the Good Guys have lost their leader Timmy to The Inferno, the Bad Asses are looking forward to continuing their winning streak. Late one evening, Kenny tells Janelle that he thinks the Bad Asses would benefit from loosing a female......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. With the loss of their team leader fresh in their minds the Good Guys turn it up a notch, also Aneesa continues to deal with her knee injury.


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  1. Now that the Good Guys have lost their leader Timmy to The Inferno, the Bad Asses are looking forward to continuing their winning streak. Late one evening, Kenny tells Janelle that he thinks the Bad Asses would benefit from loosing a female team-mate. When Janelle agrees, she tells Kenny she's worried about Aneesa and her knee problem, and thinks she should be voted off.

    The next day Jonny and Paula talk about how disappointed he is that the Good guys have fallen to second place behind the Badd Asses, and at the same time lost their team leader. Paula, who is just as upset, begins to grow worried that she will probably heading into the next Inferno since the only other remaining girls on the Good Guys, Cara and Susie, have an air-tight alliance together.

    Later that night, Jenn confronts Aneesa about her knee problem, arguing that she is jeopardizing her entire team by sticking around the competition. Aneesa tells Jenn that if her knee begins to bother her, she will tough it out in order to grab a victory for her team.

    The next day both teams find themselves in Grubaugh, South Africa for the next group challenge called: 'Hand Car.' In 'Hand Car' both teams will be competing against each other in an old fashioned hand car race. Both teams will start off with two members of their team on their respective hand-car, those initial two must pump the gear on the car till they have traveled 300 yards to the other end of the tracks. Once the car has reached the opposite end, the car may pick up another member of their team and begin to head back the opposite direction towards the start. Both teams' carts must go back and forth until all of the members have been picked up. Also, every member must pump at least for one leg of the race, and teams are not allowed to pick up new members until they have stopped their cart within a designated 'stop-zone.'

    TJ informs the red team that because their team is larger by one player they must chose one team member to not participate in the challenge. While both teams are discussing strategy for winning the race, Aneesa makes it a point to let everyone know that she is not sitting out on this challenge. When Abram points out that Aneesa's knee is busted up, Aneesa is quick also quick to point out that this challenge is all about upper body strength and the status of her knee shouldn't be deciding factor. Jenn volunteers to sit out of the challenge, and against his better judgment, Abram does not put up a fight.

    The race starts off with Abram and Derrick versus Alton and Susie. While the Good Guys initially have trouble out of the gate, it is not long before they are able close the gap at the first starting point to pick up Paula. As soon as the Bad Asses pick up Kenny, they are shocked to find that they have fallen into second place. By the time the Good Guys have picked up Ace, the Bad Asses have picked up Janelle, however there is a distinct gap between the two teams. Next up, the Good Guys pick up Cara, while the Bad Asses pick up Aneesa who receives criticism from her team mates for not performing her best, due to her swollen knee. At the next stop, Davis jumps aboard for the good guys while the Bad Asses struggle to catch up and collect their second to last team-mate: Tonya. By the time the Good Guys have picked up their final member, Jonny Bananas, the Bad Asses haven't even made it past the half way point of their second to last leg. Though the Bad Asses did everything they could to try and keep up, they were no match for Good Guys who score an additional ten-grand in their team bank account.

    Later that evening, both teams get together so they can deliberate to decide who they will pick to send into the next Inferno. Even though the Bad Asses beg the Good Guys to vote in wounded Aneesa, they already have their sights set on Jenn. Susie suspects that they will probably pick her again, however she thinks nothing of it claiming she's not scared of Jenn or any of the Bad Ass girls.

    After both teams announce who they will be picking to head into The Inferno, Jenn sounds off to Aneesa and Janelle about how being voted into the Inferno time, and time again is aggravating. She admits that it would be nice to be the newbie who goes into every Inferno and comes out on top, but is still nervous about the possibility of going home.

    Over in Cara, Paula, and Susie's bunk, the girls contemplate that Susie could be heading home in the near future. Cara, who is Susie's strongest alliance, admits that she is very nervous that her closest teammate is in danger of being eliminated from the game. Susie tells everyone that she is going to purposely not win the Life Shield, just so she can go into the Inferno, defeat Jenn, and prove herself to the rest of Good Guys and the Bad Asses. Later on, Susie confesses to Cara privately that she is going to try and win the Life Shield, but she doesn't want Paula to know so she can have the advantage.