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  1. After being voted into the Inferno by the opposing teams, Kenny and Ace had better step it up in the next group challenge if they want to skip out on possibly being eliminated. Derrick and Abe from the Bad Asses enjoy a game of pool in the......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. With a male Inferno creeping up, both teams find themselves in the position of having to make a tough decision.


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  1. After being voted into the Inferno by the opposing teams, Kenny and Ace had better step it up in the next group challenge if they want to skip out on possibly being eliminated. Derrick and Abe from the Bad Asses enjoy a game of pool in the morning, and decide that Kenny is going to need to prove himself in The Inferno. Even though he the possibility exists of Kenny and Ace winning a Life Shield, Abe is confident that it will never happen.

    That same night over on the Good Guys' side of the house, Ace tells his other male team-members that he is looking forward to proving himself by winning the life shield during the next challenge. The good guys entertain Ace's aspirations for immunity, and begin to discuss who his replacement will be if is able to beat out all of the rest of his teammates. Timmy is the first to volunteer to go into the Inferno, but Alton is skeptical of sending him in since he thinks it would hurt the team to loose the captain and strongest player.

    The next day both teams head over to the Lawrenceford Estate in Somerset West for the next challenge, entitled 'Dog Day Afternoon.' In this challenge team members are paired up in male/female groups of two, and asked to pull a sled fifty yards across a finish line. The catch is that each sled will carry two members of the opposing team, making it much more difficult to move.

    First up, Davis and Susie pulling Abe and Jenn, must face off against Tonya and Derrick pulling Cara and Alton. After slamming his entire body into this sled numerous times, Tonya and Derrick come out triumphant. Next up, Paula and John, pulling Derrick and Jenn go up against Abe and Janelle pulling Susie and Davis. Johnny Bananas and Paula Walnuts use every bit of energy in their bodies to try and keep up with the Bad Asses, but it is no use. When it comes time for Kenny and Ev to go up against Ace and Cara,

    Kenny takes the some initiative and speeds across the finish in record time. Even Alton seems to have a difficult time with this challenge as he barely makes it across the finish line with the help of Paula. In the end it all comes down to Timmy and Susie to pull through and win for the Good Guy's, which unfortunately for them never happens due to a knee injury Timmy suffered in an a earlier challenge.

    The Bad Asses applaud later as they collect their check for ten thousand dollars to be clocked into their team bank account. Even though he was not on the winning team, Ace is more than excited to make good on his promise to win this week's Life Shield, and prove to his team that he can hold his own. Kenny, who was also slated to head into The Inferno flexes his muscles on the way up to collect the Life Shield he has earned for out performing the rest of his male teammates.

    With Kenny and Ace now both the owners of their team's respective Life Shields, both the Bad Asses and the Good Guys are left with a tough decision: who will they pick to replace their newly immune team-mates in the Inferno. Later as the Good Guys deliberate, Timmy is the first to volunteer for his team, arguing that his injury could possible hold up the rest of his team during future challenges. Even though the rest of his teammates are skeptical, Timmy uses his leadership role as captain to his advantage, and is able to convince the rest of his team to trust his judgment.

    That night when Kenny and Ace step up to the inferno, Kenny allows Abe and Derrick to decide who will stay safe, and who will head into the fire. Worried that the other team may think that he is scared, Abe quickly volunteers himself. Ace introduces Timmy as Abe's new competitor, and TJ begins to explain the rules of their Inferno, entitled: 'Glass House.' In this Inferno both contestants are given a metal ring and placed in a three glass boxes, each one smaller than the next, that are suspended in mid air. After the start is announced, both contestants must race against each other in order to break all of the different panes of glass, the contestant who can achieve this fastest is the winner.

    Both Timmy and Abrham furiously work quickly to smash the glass around them. Abrahm begins to smash the floor underneath him and does not notice that he has missed one pane of glass to his right. His teammates quickly distract him to bring the missing pane to his attention, however that distraction provides enough of an advantage for Timmy to gain the lead and smash through the last pane underneath him. While the Good Guys celebrate, and the Bad Asses begin to stress about loosing their captain TJ brings some interesting news which quiets down the team in Blue. He points out that one of Timmy's panes fell off the box, but did not shatter when it hit the ground, which ultimately leads to the Good Guys disqualification.

    Timmy takes his disqualification like a man and shakes hands with Abe before saying goodbye to the rest of his team. On his way out, he announces to the rest of his teammates that he is retiring from the Challenges, and that he advises the rest of his younger counterparts to do as many challenges as they can.