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  1. Previously on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Inferno 3, the Good Guys stepped it up at the "Steady As You Go" challenge and Colie suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of Bad Ass Jenn in The Inferno. After The Inferno, both teams blow off......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The ongoing backlash against Tonya continues, plus both teams decide who they will pick to into the next male Inferno, and Aneesa reveals she is injured.


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  1. Previously on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Inferno 3, the Good Guys stepped it up at the "Steady As You Go" challenge and Colie suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of Bad Ass Jenn in The Inferno.

    After The Inferno, both teams blow off some steam by dancing and partying the night away. In a surprise move, Davis and Tonya start drunkenly making out. When the night comes to an end, Davis carries Tonya into her bedroom but claims nothing happens because he would never take advantage of a 'drunk girl.' Uh, Davis, aren't you gay anyway?! And Tonya's married!

    The following morning everyone sobers up when the Bad Asses and Good Guys find out that their next challenge needs them to put a "spring" in their step.

    Gearing up to kick some ass, the Good Guys play "IHT," aka the "I hate Tonya" game. As they've done in the past, each Good Guy gives a reason why they hate Tonya. What they don't know is that Tonya is outside the door listening.

    The round of insults shakes Tonya to the core and she heads outside to call her hubby. Tonya tells him she's upset that she hasn't made any friends and feels trapped. Although she wants to win the challenge, Tonya says she doesn't want to be hated anymore. Wiping away tears, she decides there's no reason for her to hurt other people's feelings anymore. Is Tonya turning over a new leaf?

    While heading to their next challenge, Bad Ass Aneesa starts moaning about her nasty knee injury. It looks like a freakin' baseball's been shoved under her skin, so she has to see a doctor to find out what's up with it before she can participate in any more challenges.

    At the Lourensford Estate in Somerset West, South Africa, the Good Guys and Bad Asses meet host T.J. Lavin and are told that their challenge is called "Leaps and Bounds." Behind T.J. are five trampolines in a row with platforms in between each. The platforms get smaller as they go down the row.

    One at a time each team member has to jump onto the trampoline and bounce to the next platform. Their hands and arms can't hit the platform at anytime. If they fall off or use their hands they'll have to go back to the previous platform and try again. Once the entire team is on the final platform for three seconds their time will be stopped. The team with the fastest time banks $10,000.

    The Bad Asses are up first, but Aneesa isn't allowed to compete because of her bum knee. After hearing the bad news, the team starts ganging up on Aneesa because they feel like she's becoming a liability. Everyone hopes Aneesa lands in The Inferno and gets the boot, and Aneesa can see it coming.

    When the whistle blows, Derrick is the first to jump onto the trampoline. And he's the first to touch the platform with his hands and wind up right back where he started. Abe and Kenny are next to leap onto the trampoline, and they easily make it onto the platform. Then it's downhill from there.

    Tonya jumps down onto the trampoline and smacks right into the side of the platform. Then the same thing happens to Jenn and Janelle! On the next try Tonya makes it onto the platform with the help of her teammates, who hoist her up and keep her hands away from the edges. Jenn and Janelle fail miserably on their second attempts, but the third time's the charm for both of them.

    By the third platform, the Bad Asses are getting the hang of it and the girls all make it up with just one bounce. Now the Bad Asses are really cruising. When they get to the last platform, it's not big enough to hold everybody, so they pile up on top of each other and hold on for three seconds.

    That last, tiny platform might prove difficult for the Good Guys, who have five burly men. When the whistle blows, Alton and Ace sail onto the first platform, making it look easy. But then poor Davis hits the trampoline and plunges right into the side of the platform. He goes back to the previous platform and tries again, and does the exact same thing -- twice! Looks like fourth time's the charm for Davis. Susie doesn't fair so well. She misses the platform over and over and over again until finally her teammates yank her up.

    Finally the Good Guys start getting into the swing of things. Then, ugh! When they're all piled on the very last platform -- that teeny, tiny platform -- Timmy comes in like a wrecking ball and knocks them all off! They all have to go back and do it again. This time around, though, everyone manages to hang on for three seconds.

    When all is said and done, the Bad Asses are victorious, clocking in 40 seconds faster than the Good Guys. They bank the 10K, and bounce ahead of the Good Guys with 50K in their bank account compared to the Good Guys' 40K.

    The Good Guys and the Bad Asses then head back to the house to decide who must go into The Inferno. All the Bad Asses care about is holding onto their men, so they pick Good Guy Ace because they think they can beat him. During the Good Guys' deliberation they go back and forth between taking out the Bad Asses' best player or their worst. They decide on the worst, Kenny, in hopes of picking him off and leaving the Bad Asses with one less man.

    After the deliberations, the Bad Asses once again gang up on one of their own. They want Aneesa and her busted knee gone. They try to talk her into dropping out, but she wants her share of the team bank account and won't go without a fight. It's looks like it's going to get ugly!