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  1. After last week's dinner confrontation, Susie should be watching her back, because Tonya is out for blood, and looking to drag her into The Inferno. However, if Susie was worried, you would ever know it by the way she is clowning around with the......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. With the next female Inferno just around the corner, both the guys and girls can't help but wonder who will head home next.


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  1. After last week's dinner confrontation, Susie should be watching her back, because Tonya is out for blood, and looking to drag her into The Inferno. However, if Susie was worried, you would ever know it by the way she is clowning around with the rest of the girls from the Good Guys' team. While trying to determine who the strongest team-mate is, Colie challenges Paula to a wrestling match. Even though all the Susie and Cara are confident that Colie is the stronger competitor, Paula comes out on top, proving that she's more than just a skinny blonde.

    On the other side of the house Alton and Johnny Bananas are deep in discussion about who they think should be the next girl on their team to head to the Inferno. Johnny says that while she may not be involved in the Susie-Cara clique, he believes that Paula is one of the strongest competitors on the Good Guys, and if anyone should take a hike, it should be Colie.

    Over in the Bad Asses camp Tonya and Jenn discuss the possibility that either of them could be heading to the Inferno very soon. Tonya tells Jenn that she is not scared to go into The Inferno, especially if it means she will get a chance to eliminate Susie.

    The next day both teams head out for the individual challenge before the next women's Inferno called 'Steady As You Go.' In this challenge female team members must cross from one elevated platform to another, using eight-foot logs as stilts while the rest of the team helps them balance by supporting the logs. If one member falls off their logs, then they are automatically disqualified and penalized fifteen-minutes. The team with the fastest average time will be awarded ten-thousand dollars towards their team bank account. The fastest girl on both teams will be granted the Life Shield, as well as a Cobra Nav 1-4500 GPS.

    First up is Paula Vs.Aneesa, and even though Aneesa looses a contact midway through the challenge, she is able to still give Paula a run for her money. Next up, Colie and Tonya go head to head, halfway through the challenge Colie misses her footing and disqualifies herself, adding fifteen-minutes to her teams average. Ev makes up for Colie's disqualification when she also gets herself disqualified. Janelle follows Ev's lead with another disqualification, leaving the Bad Asses in a tight spot.

    At the end of the Challenge it is announced that Bad Asses average time is almost one minute higher than The Good Guys total average, making the Good Guys' the winner of ten-thousand bucks towards the team bank account. Susie and Tonya are each awarded the Life Shield for having the best time on their team, which ultimately means that one the other girls from the Good Guys is heading into the Inferno. After the Life Shields are given out, Tonya approaches Jenn to tell her that she is considering entering the Inferno for her; Jenn admits that she will make the correct decision.

    On the way back to the house there is some drama in the Good Guys' van when they begin to discuss who will be Susie's replacement in the Inferno. Alton wastes no time in letting his voice be heard when he tells Colie he thinks she should be heading in. Johnny Banana's promptly agrees pointing out Colie's numerous past disqualifications. Even though they are just trying to do what's best for their team, Colie can't help but to feel a little attacked by them.

    That evening, both teams gather for The Inferno, and to no ones surprise, Susie announces that she he has picked Colie to take her place. When TJ asks Tonya if she is going to voluntarily enter The Inferno, no one is more surprised than Jenn when she says no. In this Inferno entitled 'Spokes Model' Jenn and Colie will climb to the top of a giant wheel, once TJ sounds his air horn the wheel will begin to spin, the longer the two girls remain on the wheel, the faster it will spin. The girl that remains on the wheel for the longest amount of time will be the winner and allowed to stay around to compete. At first Colie is able to keep up, but eventually looses her momentum and winds up falling off. Colie says her final goodbyes to her team-mates, and advises the female members of her team to not allow the guys to take advantage of them.

    Later on after The Inferno, the guys from both teams meet up and admit that Colie being eliminated from the competition was the best thing for The Good Guys. Johnny Bananas adds that the less amount of girls on his team the better since he feels like they are just a weak link that will split up the final cash payoff.