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  1. After literally smoking the Bad Asses during last week's "Rope Burn" challenge, the Good Guys now have three consecutive victories under their belt on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Inferno 3. Meanwhile, at The Inferno deliberations, the Good......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Both teams compete in the final challenge before they possibly send Danny and Davis into the next Inferno.


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  1. After literally smoking the Bad Asses during last week's "Rope Burn" challenge, the Good Guys now have three consecutive victories under their belt on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Inferno 3. Meanwhile, at The Inferno deliberations, the Good Guys chose hothead Danny and the Bad Asses voted in Davis for the second time.

    Davis is feeling good about his odds against Danny in The Inferno. Plus, the Good Guys' Alton thinks getting Danny kicked off the Bad Asses is instrumental to the Good Guys winning the final $150,000 challenge.

    But the Bad Asses aren't feeling so confident about the impending Inferno. Danny hasn't been able to get his mom out of his mind since she died during his stay on The Real World: Austin, and who can blame him? Well, apparently Aneesa and the rest of the Bad Asses, who think his feelings are affecting the team. But while Danny admits that he wants to go home, he says he "didn't come here to lose."

    Danny quickly puts his game face back on when the Good Guys and the Bad Asses are told to grab their tennis shoes and wear their team colors because it's time to "step it up a notch" at the next challenge. They meet host T.J. Lavin at the Lourensford Estate in Somerset West, South Africa, where they will have to tackle a reversible climbing wall.

    Towering in front of the Good Guys and the Bad Asses is a 40-foot wall with moveable pegs scattered all over it. The teams must break up into guy-girl pairs, which will be put on either side of the wall. To successfully climb the wall, they'll have to communicate with their partner on the other side and tell them what peg they need in order to scale the wall. When pushed, the pegs will disappear from one side and appear on the other. At the top, they'll have to pass a flag and come back down. If either teammate falls or drops the flag, the pair is immediately disqualified.

    The fastest pair to tackle the reversible climbing wall will snag some sweet Schwinn bicycles, while the team with the fastest average time will bank $10,000. But, since a male Inferno is coming up, the most important part of the challenge is that Danny and Davis have the chance to score a Life Shield and escape The Inferno.

    First to face off are Good Guys Alton and Colie and Bad Asses Abe and Tonya. Abe's thrilled that he's up against Alton because he thinks Alton's going to screw up royally, and he's dead on. Alton and Colie struggle with the pegs while the Bad Asses swiftly pass the flag and climb back down. When the Good Guys finally reach the top, disaster strikes when Colie drops the flag and they're immediately disqualified.

    Next up are Good Guys Timmy and Susie, who have trouble communicating right from the start, while Bad Asses Derrick and Janelle leave them in the dust ... and once again finish the challenge first. But the Good Guys are able to save face when Ace and Cara go up against Bad Asses Kenny and Jenn. Halfway up the wall, Ace almost falls but manages to hang on and continue to climb. Despite this, the Good Guys finish first, while Jenn is still struggling to get to the top. When Jenn is left without a peg to step on she tries to grab one that's just out of her reach and falls, and they're DQed.

    Then it's Bad Asses Danny and Ev versus Good Guys John and Paula. The teams are neck-and-neck for the most part, but the Good Guys wind up winning the challenge. Finally, it's Good Guys Davis and Colie's turn, and, since there's no opponent, Davis' main focus is trying to score the best time to win the Life Shield.

    At the end of the challenge, the Bad Asses have the fastest average time, which scores them 10,000 bucks. (Now both teams have $30K in their bank accounts.) Tonya and Abe beat out Paula and John by one second to score the sweet Schwinn bikes, and Abe and John win the Life Shields. Not surprisingly, neither Abe nor John wants to swap places with Danny and Davis in The Inferno.

    When it's finally time for Danny and Davis to face off in The Inferno, a seriously intense Danny writes his mother's name on his cheek.

    The challenge is "Watch Your Back," which is basically a game of tag that takes place on a platform with four ladders. David starts on top of the platform and Danny starts on the floor. When T.J. blows the whistle, they have to chase each other until one of them either tags or passes the other. The first person to score twice wins and the loser will be sent packing.

    Basically, this one comes down to whoever can run the fastest, and when the game begins Davis just starts flying. When Danny falls, Davis really gains the upper hand and scores the first point. Davis is a blur as he keeps whipping up and down the maze of platforms and ladders until he scores the second winning point.

    A defeated Danny is going home. It's a serious loss for the Bad Asses, who only have three men left. With the strength of five guys still on their team, the Good Guys must be feeling pretty confident right now.