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  1. Age: 21
    From: Columbus, OH
    Sharing dual citizenship with both Israel and the U.S., Aviv, the smallest competitor in the challenge, may also be the most trained and ready for the mission ahead. After an early graduation, Aviv joined the...   Read More »

  2. Age: 18
    From: Houston, TX
    Casey is a doe-eyed Southern belle from Texas whose motivator to win is... breast implants! She's the first to admit she has no physical strengths and isn't particularly comfortable with people from different...   Read More »

  3. Age: 21
    From: Huntington, NY
    Simply put, Chanda is an overachiever. Being an accomplished athlete in both soccer and swimming has given her the physical discipline needed to last in the Challenge. Her talent is backed up by a confident...   Read More »

  4. CoralCoral

    Jason Campbell

    Original Season: Real World Back to New York
    Coral plays these Challenges very well and always manages to make it to the final team--even though everyone agrees she uses manipulation to get there. We know she's smart but she...   Read More »

  5. Original Season: Real World Austin
    This diehard Bostonian feared that if he didn't stretch his wings and leave his hometown, he would never get a chance to fly. Fly he did, to Austin, only to receive two devastating blows. A bar...   Read More »

  6. Original Season: Road Rules Campus Crawl
    This Good Guy was part of the winning team for The Gauntlet, The Inferno and The Inferno II. He has won every Challenge he has competed in. This may be due to the...   Read More »

  7. Age: 25
    From: West Hollywood, CA
    You never know what you're going to get when it comes to Diem. She was raised an "army brat" and is a red-state Republican with a poli-sci degree living in liberal West Hollywood. Never afraid to let...   Read More »

  8. Age: 23
    From: Nicholasville, KY
    If Chris Farley had an MTV love child, it would be Eric: He's a big guy with an even bigger personality. Some may see his size as a hindrance on the Challenge, but there's more than one way to play the...   Read More »

  9. Age: 18
    From: Harrison, NY
    Ev is a tough-as-nails aspiring Olympian who is risking a college softball scholarship at the University of Arizona to compete in the Challenge. She is also risking a relationship: Her girlfriend fears...   Read More »

  10. Age: 20
    From: Ithica, NY
    For those who think Canadians are boring, meet Evan. He loves to provoke people and, despite being infamously cocky, is well-liked by his peers. Evan is a natural flirt and can't seem to help himself when it...   Read More »

  11. Age: 19
    From: Albuquerque, NM
    Jesse is, to say the least, one of the most conflicted newcomers to the challenge. While he holds firmly to his Christian faith, he simultaneously finds himself engaging in activities that directly oppose...   Read More »

  12. Original Season: Real World Austin

    While in Austin, this fiery Peruvian got into a little trouble with the law and was locked up for "grand-theft carnation." One could even say that her drunken and completely unnecessary fight...   Read More »

  13. Age: 24
    From: Brooklyn, NY
    Johnnie is a recent graduate and already a top earning, highly motivated investment banker who wants to be remembered as the next great black entrepreneur. With accomplishments and ambitions like that,...   Read More »

  14. Original Season: Road Rules The Quest
    She may have been a hate-magnet for Road Rulers on The Inferno, but she managed to beat everyone (especially Julie) and walk away with the cash and the car. Her appearances on...   Read More »

  15. Age: 22
    From: Cedar Grove, NJ
    Kenny is a ladies' man and more than your average meathead. He's a natural-born leader who loves competition and has been known to get in trouble for his aggressive personality -- but his mischievous grin...   Read More »

  16. Age: 21
    From: Palmetto, FL
    Linette is a tropical South Floridian who loves attention, and being newly single, she is sure to win it from the male challengers. Though she may seem innocent, this hot-blooded Latin girl's heritage...   Read More »

  17. Original Season: Real World Austin

    This down-home Wisconsin girl with thick roots and a kind heart, met her future roommate (and unbeknownst to her at the time, her future fiancé) on her journey to Austin. She dumped her boyfriend...   Read More »

  18. Age: 24
    From: New York, NY
    The chance to win serious cash is a huge motivator for Ryan, whose year of bouncing from job to job was punctuated with the break up from his long-time boyfriend. Although he is loyal, Ryan is known for his...   Read More »

  19. Original Season: Road Rules Campus Crawl

    Shane made his Challenge debut during the original Battle of the Sexes, and being the chivalrous southern boy that he is, used his Ion Lifesaver to save Genesis from getting...   Read More »

  20. Original Season: Road Rules Maximum Velocity

    Always a strong teammate, Theo helped his team beat out The Real World on The Gauntlet. The resident "funny guy" (when Timmy's not around), Theo is generally liked and...   Read More »

  21. Original Season: Road Rules South Pacific

    Tina is a tough chick who has the ability to go far in these Challenges. She just missed being part of the BOTS2 final three. She seems to enjoy starting arguments with her...   Read More »

  22. Original Season: Real World Chicago

    Tonya has proven she will do anything to win. Putting rocks in her mouth? Yup. Fraternizing with the enemy? Check. Eating wasabi like it's chocolate? Yes, sir. Her crazy behavior and partying...   Read More »

  23. Original Season: Real World Austin

    Wes is the kind of guy you love to hate. He takes pride in projecting himself as an obnoxious, super-competitive jock, but he is also bright and entrepreneurial. He spent most of his time in...   Read More »

  24. When you think of TJ Lavin, think incredible talent. Growing up in Las Vegas, TJ was drawn to BMX racing as a young child, and showed potential as a top contender almost immediately. He soon discovered dirt jumping and before long found almost...   Read More »