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  1. AneesaAneesa

    Jason Campbell

    Original Season: Real World: Chicago

    Aneesa is definitely not afraid to say what's on her mind. She crushed Theo's dreams of hooking up in Chicago when she told him she thinks "girls are nice." On the first Battle of the Sexes, Aneesa's...   Read More

  2. Original Season: Real World: Los Angeles

    In a memorable Real World moment, Beth tried to help her roommate Tami cover up when housemate David pulled off her covers, but all her good deed got her was a door slammed on her head. This old-...   Read More

  3. Original Season: Real World: San Diego

    Brad is the loveable meathead of the San Diego season. Along with bragging about his "size," his exploits include and getting into a fistfight while wearing a Super Mario costume. He had a lot of great...   Read More

  4. Original Season: Fresh Meat

    Casey is a doe-eyed Southern belle from Texas whose motivation to win Fresh Meat was breast implants! The other big motivator was the irritated voice of her teammate Wes continuously yelling and berating her through...   Read More

  5. Original Season: Real World: Paris

    He's a sweet guy under his tough exterior -- he even sent tulips to his Paris roommates for Valentine's Day. Oops, our bad: he took credit for the flowers, even though he had nothing to do with the special...   Read More

  6. Original Season: Road Rules X-TREME

    He started off as the a-hole of the group on Road Rules X-TREME, but he turned out to be a sweet, tough guy. He then proceeded to surprise everyone on Battle of the Sexes 2 with his ability to perform despite...   Read More

  7. Original Season: Fresh Meat

    Diem, though sultry and slight, is in some ways a more complete and complex warrior than any of her competition. During Fresh Meat, she revealed to Derrick that she was battling ovarian cancer. This strong competitor...   Read More

  8. Original Season: Fresh Meat

    If Chris Farley had an MTV love child, it would be Eric: He's a big guy with an even bigger personality and heart. We got to know this Southern charmer during Fresh Meat, when he partnered up with Katie. Some may see...   Read More

  9. Original Season: Fresh Meat

    So, you think Canadians are boring? Meet Evan. He loves to provoke people and, despite being infamously cocky, is well-liked by his peers. A natural flirt, Evan can't seem to help himself when it comes to sweet-talking...   Read More

  10. Original Season: Road Rules X-TREME

    Jodi was a strong competitor and the only girl to make to the final of her Road Rules season. But, at mission time, her poor communication skills and her inability to perform under pressure got her into a...   Read More

  11. Original Season: Real World: Key West

    With his chameleon-like ability to adapt to his surroundings, recent Penn State graduate John is The Real World's answer to Ferris Bueller. An unpredictable mixture of craftiness, charisma, intelligence and...   Read More

  12. Original Season: Fresh Meat

    Kenny is a ladies' man and more than your average meathead. He loves competition and has been known to get in trouble for his aggressive personality -- but his mischievous grin tends to save the day when he's gone too...   Read More

  13. Original Season: Road Rules X-TREME

    We met Kina during her X-TREME road trip. Her decision to play fair and pull names out of the hat when the team had to send someone home was admirable... it's just too bad it was her name that was picked. As a...   Read More

  14. Original Season: Real World: Austin

    Nehemiah's story is a combination of heartbreaking and hopeful. Born to a mother who is currently in rehab, he was forced to grow up quickly and become a survivor. Despite seemingly endless challenges and...   Read More

  15. Original Season: Real World: Key West

    Confrontational, yet sensitive; bitchy, yet likeable; damaged, yet self-aware; attractive, yet insecure -- Paula possesses a variety of contradictory personality traits. This Quinnipiac University grad was...   Read More

  16. Original Season: The Real World: San Diego

    This former Coyote Ugly bartender is a likeable gal who got pretty far in Battle of the Sexes 2 and The Inferno 2. As a veteran on Gauntlet 2 she made it to the final mission, but her team bet and lost....   Read More

  17. Original Season: Real World: Key West

    We first met this "crazy Russian chick" in Key West when she ventured away from the safety of her family and immersed herself in The Real World. "Fitz" appeared brassy and confident at first, but combined...   Read More

  18. Original Season: Road Rules: South Pacific

    Tina is a tough chick who has the ability to go far in these Challenges. She and Fresh Meat teammate Kenny fought like an old married couple, but battled their way to second place. She seems to enjoy...   Read More

  19. Original Season: Real World: Key West

    While Tyler may say that he's "manipulative" and "mischievous," the wry smile on his face says this could just be his dry humor. Or is it? During his stay in Key West, the openly gay roommate made no...   Read More

  20. Original Season: Real World: Austin

    Wes is the kind of guy you love to hate. He takes pride in projecting himself as an obnoxious, super-competitive jock, but he is also bright and entrepreneurial. His temper made a memorable appearance in Austin...   Read More

  21. When you think of TJ Lavin, think incredible talent. Growing up in Las Vegas, he was drawn to BMX racing and showed potential as a top contender almost immediately. He soon discovered dirt jumping and before long found almost unparalleled success,...   Read More