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  1. The sixth season of Run's House finds Rev Run dealing with new challenges. First, he's hit hard with the news of JoJo being in jail for possession of marijuana. Then, he struggles with career mortality when he's inducted into the Rock and...   Read More

  2. As Rev Run's wife and closest confidante, Justine continues to be the queen of Run's House. She is the perfect complement to her husband's nature. Justine has stood by Run through thick and thin, yet she almost always manages to maintain an...   Read More

  3. Vanessa and her sister, Angela, have settled in Los Angeles (as chronicled on their own MTV series, Daddy's Girls), but they visit home frequently --- sometimes for official business dealing with their business, Pastry, and sometimes when the...   Read More

  4. AngelaAngela

    Justin Borucki

    Angela and her sister, Vanessa, have settled in Los Angeles, where she working full-time for Pastry, the business they founded together (and the life they chronicled on their own MTV series, Daddy's Girls). But Vanessa is still totally...   Read More

  5. Rev Run's oldest son, JoJo, aspires to be a rapper and producer -- not unlike his father. During the fifth season of Run's House, we watched as his rap group, Team Blackout, recorded and released their first album.

    Now, JoJo must...   Read More

  6. The sixth season of Run's House finds Daniel -- better known as Diggy -- having a tough time in school. He prefers to focus on skateboarding and promoting his new blog than on concentrating on his schoolwork. But after Angela and Vanessa...   Read More

  7. He used to be he youngest, but now Russell -- aka Russy -- is constantly exploring different identities for himself. In the sixth season of Run's House, we'll see him becoming obsessed with surfing, weightlifting, karate and tap dancing. It...   Read More

  8. New to Run's House in season five, adopted daughter Miley is a scene stealer in season six, when she continues to impress and impact every family member with her cute and adorable disposition. But this budding genius is getting so...   Read More