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Check Out Rev's Tour Bus

Take a look at Rev's pimped-out home away from home while he's on tour with Kid Rock.

Learn About Team Blackout

Hear the Simmons advice for JoJo and his hip-hop group Team Blackout on their big debut.

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  1. Rev meanders down to the kitchen to inform Justine that JoJo's in New York with the rest...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Justine emerges poolside to find Rev freaking out because the pool cleaner he purchased...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Diggy lets Justine know that Rev's taking him and Russy to the skate park so he can "rip...  Read Full Summary »



  1. Rev, Justine and the kids talk about how JoJo spent the money from his shoe deal and the girl's shopping addiction.

  2. Rev explains what exactly the Russ Philanthropic charity does and the family examines their desire to give back.

  3. Lean more about Rev Run and Justine's book on parenting, and check out the book tour schedule!

About Run's House (Season 5)

  1. MTV's first family of hip-hop is back! It's time to step inside Run's House as patriarch Rev Run and the rest of the Simmons clan once again open their doors -- and hearts -- for our cameras. And, once again, no matter how high the highs or low the lows, they remain grounded by their strong faith and tight family bond.

    In season 5, Run's House has expanded with the addition of adopted daughter Miley, who makes quite an impression on her doting parents and siblings with her adorable disposition and all-around cuteness. And as the family grows, so does the hilarity.

    This time around, everyone is literally all over the map. Rev Run is experiencing a career resurgence as he tours the country with Kid Rock while wife Justine holds down the fort in New Jersey. Vanessa and Angela are living bicoastal lifestyles by traveling between Los Angeles and New York City while working hard to secure their niche in life. JoJo focuses on college and continues his quest for world domination with his rap group, Team Blackout. Diggy is stuck in the tween stage -- too young to run with the big kids and too old to have much interest in hanging out at home -- and seeks solace in his newfound love of skateboarding. And, with little Miley on-board, Russy is no longer the baby of the family, so he struggles to assert himself as the man of the house.

    Yes, season 5 is filled with lots of changes. But no matter what happens, one thing remains the same: the family members that fill Run's House are seriously funny!

    A 2008 NAACP Image Award winner for Outstanding Reality Series, Run's House has continually followed the jubilations and tribulations of this great American family. From JoJo's and Vanessa's budding careers and Diggy's newfound interest in girls to Russy's prankster ways and Angela's desire to break out of her shell, Rev Run and Justine have had their own unique and effective way of navigating their family through times of joy and tragedy.

    Season 5 of Run's House is just as hilarious and touching as ever, with Rev Run doling out words of wisdom in his uniquely hilarious way while striking a balance between being a father and an icon -- all while keeping hip-hop's royal family firmly grounded.

    Whose house? Run's House. That's right!