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The Simmons Boys Talk Hip-Hop 101

The Simmons men talk about their favorite old school and new school music videos.

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  1. Justine greets Run in the morning with news that she's pregnant. At breakfast, Run and...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Run finds Justine in the kitchen eating a piece of cake and questions her commitment to...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Run tells the kids that Magic, a clothing conference, will be held in Las Vegas this...  Read Full Summary »



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About Run's House (Season 2)

  1. Where has Rev Run been? He's had his hands full with his lovely wife and three sons who want to be the next Bow Wow, John Singleton and Michael Jordan. Add to that a daughter who thinks the Simmons name is a ticket to a life of luxury and another daughter who just got signed as a Ford model, and you've got a full house. When Rev. Run's not keeping the peace at home, he's busy keeping the faith in church...oh, and making a comeback album! Roll with Rev Run and fam in this reality sitcom. Who's house? Run's house!