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  1. When Vanessa gets a call from her Ford modeling agent to do a fashion shoot in Colorado,...  Read Full Summary »


  2. After overindulging, Justine decides to go on a diet. Determined to make it work, she...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Run often talks about how much he loves to win, but it's not until we see his family...  Read Full Summary »



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About Run's House (Season 1)

  1. From taste-makers Sean Combs and Russell Simmons comes the newest MTV reality sensation, "Run's House." Starring Rev Run and his family, "Run's House brings Hip-Hop Reality Family Values to the airwaves.

    "Run's House" focuses on Run (aka Joey Simmons of Run DMC) as he raises his family of five children, ages 8 to 21, with his loving wife, Justine. Viewers get a riveting view as this hands-on, hip-hop dad negotiates everyday parenting challenges from the birds and the bees to his daughter's graduation.

    "My family is my ministry," he said in a statement. "I'm gonna raise it up with or without cameras. But I'm excited to do it on MTV."

    The network that was raised on Run-DMC is likewise honored to have him. But his family is not the only thing the Reverend aims to raise up. He hopes that the show might offer something surprising to its audience.

    "I'm not trying to fight stereotypes," he explains. "I'm just trying to give another perspective and show what rap is all about, especially for someone who knows only the negative things. Me and my family are rap all grown up."

    Scheduled for release in the fourth quarter, "Run's House" is poised to continue on the success of MTV's "The Osbournes" and "Nick and Jessica: Newlyweds."