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  1. ColinColin

    Statia Photography

    19 yrs. old -- Eugene, Ore.
    A wide-eyed college kid who is as much indie rocker as reporter is seemingly a perfect fit for Rolling Stone, but deep inside Colin doesn't know if he's prepared for the big-time journalism scene. Can he convince...   Read More

  2. KrishtineKrishtine

    Statia Photography

    23 yrs. old -- The Philippines/San Francisco
    With a ghetto background, Krish is all hip-hop, all the time; she wants to bring the 'hood to Rolling Stone. She's a real fighter, but used to being a big fish in a little pond. Can Krish keep her...   Read More

  3. KrystalKrystal

    Statia Photography

    23 yrs. old -- Salinas, Calif.
    A most knowledgeable fan of Rolling Stone and classic rock music fanatic, Krystal was spoon-fed the magazine as a kid. Krystal is star-struck, but she also finds admirers in odd places. Can Krystal get past...   Read More

  4. PeterPeter

    Statia Photography

    22 yrs. old -- Sydney, Australia
    Determined to shed his image as partier and to prove that despite his relative lack of journalism experience, he is as a contender. Hardworking and bright, Peter keeps his head down and pushes onward like the...   Read More

  5. TikaTika

    Statia Photography

    25 yrs. old -- Buffalo, N.Y.
    With endless drive and determination, Tika holds steady at all times. Although she keeps a low profile around the office, she doesn't hold her tongue once outside work, reminding us how hard she works in...   Read More

  6. RussellRussell

    Statia Photography

    25 yrs. old -- San Francisco
    Talented, explosive, and self-sabotaging, Russell is the best writer, head and shoulders above the others. This job is his to lose and he knows it. But he's so prone to acting out... will Russell be able to win...   Read More