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  1. Things are getting serious on Rock the Cradle -- two rock star kids are about to be eliminated. For a second straight week, Jesse Blaze Snider won't be getting the boot, as he received the highest scores from the judges last week. But based on......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Watch as each rock star wannabe performs a song they think defines them and find out which two contestants bite the dust!


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  1. Things are getting serious on Rock the Cradle -- two rock star kids are about to be eliminated. For a second straight week, Jesse Blaze Snider won't be getting the boot, as he received the highest scores from the judges last week. But based on viewers' votes, two of the other contestants are about to be kicked from the Cradle. Who's got what it takes to stick around and walk away with a record deal and $100,000?

    Before the remaining Rock the Cradle hopefuls find out whether they'll live to see another round, host Ryan Devlin reveals that each person that's safe will perform a song that they think defines who they are as an artist.

    The first to breathe a sigh of relief is Lara Johnston, daughter of Tom Johnston, who decides to perform "Lady Marmalade" from the movie Moulin Rouge because she thinks it's "perfect" for her voice. The judges give her a little one-on-one help to boost her performance this week -- June Ambrose helps Lara pick out clothes while Belinda Carlisle gives her some onstage pointers.

    Sporting a cute outfit, Lara hits the stage looking confident and easily showing off her vocal prowess. But did she do better than last week?

    Nah. Lara Johnston's scores range from 5 to 7.5. Belinda thought the song was "totally inappropriate" for her. Choreographer Brian Friedman, filling in for Jamie King, thinks her "star quality isn't shining through." June feels the music industry will "gobble" Lara up while Larry Rudolph thinks she's got the voice but her performance always "falls apart."

    Next to find out their fate is Kenny Loggins' son Crosby Loggins, who is safe. He chooses the Foo Fighters' "Long Road to Ruin" because it's "powerful" and has a "strong message." This week, he hopes his performance will win judge Belinda Carlisle over, since she's been his toughest critic.

    Crosby comes out onstage rockin' an electric guitar with a full band behind him. While he rips into the song, his dad Kenny Loggins gets his groove on in the VIP area. But did Crosby Rock the Cradle?

    Oh yeah! Crosby Loggins scores high, including two perfect 10s! Belinda says she "felt the passion" and Brian thinks he "owned the stage." As usual, June admits she thinks he looks "so delicious." But Larry still sees an "emotional barrier" between Crosby and the audience.

    When Lil B. Sure! steps into the spotlight, he learns he's been kicked from the Cradle. His dad Al B. Sure! looks upset but says he's "so proud" that his son did the "bravest thing" any musician can do. Lil B. says his goodbyes and leaves the stage.

    Then, even though he's safe from elimination, Dee Snider's son Jesse Blaze Snider will perform next. He decides to take on Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire," saying he's going to make it "pumped up and rockin'." Jesse's been deemed untouchable two times in a row, can he make it a three-peat?

    Judge June Ambrose thinks Jesse should tackle a new look ... but she's met with resistance by his mom, who thinks he should do what she says.

    When he hits the stage, Jesse's hair is in a pompadour and he's wearing an ankle-length white leather jacket (shirtless underneath, of course). With his gravelly voice, he works the crowd as he struts across the stage. Will the judges once again deem him untouchable?

    Nope. Jesse Blaze Snider's scores range from 6 to 8.5. Belinda calls him a "fake punk" and a "one-trick pony," but Brian says he's "the real deal" who can "sell anything." Larry thinks he's "consistently good" while June feels Jesse's look is "contrived" and that his mother is to blame. Dad Dee Snider counters the one-trick pony comment, saying "one-trick ponies don't kick ass four weeks in a row."

    Next up is Lucy Walsh, daughter of Joe Walsh, who tackles Secondhand Serenade's "Fall for You." She admits that she studies for an hour everyday with a private vocal coach and says she picked the song so fans can see "the real" Lucy.

    Onstage, Lucy plays piano sporting a classic updo and sultry pink dress. As fans clap along, she looks like she's in her element. Do the judges think so?

    Yes! Lucy Walsh scores two perfect 10s! Belinda calls it a "great song choice" while Brian thinks it was "captivating." June says Lucy "wears" the piano "well" and Larry claims that this performance was her "sweet spot."

    Now it's down to Chloe Lattanzi and Landon Brown -- who will stay and who will go? America voted and Landon learns it's the end of the road, leaving dad Bobby Brown looking ticked. Landon seems to know it was coming, though, since he had the lowest scores last week. He says his goodbyes with Lil B. Sure! by his side.

    Avoiding the ax once again, Chloe Lattanzi, daughter of Olivia Newton-John, picks "Freak on a Leash" by Korn. She says she wants to "embrace" her inner freak and hopes other people will, too. But judge Larry Rudolph warns that she shouldn't be "so dark" during her performance.

    Chloe starts singing onstage while sitting on the floor, slowing the song down to a gothic ballad. As the crowd claps along, the chorus kicks in and Chloe starts rocking out -- on floor. In fact, she never leaves the floor. Did she prove she's got what it takes to win Rock the Cradle?

    Uh, no. Chloe Lattanzi scores between 4 and 7.5. Belinda calls it "shockingly bad" and tells her to "lighten up." Brian admits that "dark is cool" if she can pull it off. June thinks Chloe's wardrobe is "far from exciting" and Larry calls her vocals "hit or miss."

    So, who is deemed untouchable? Crosby Loggins! He automatically moves on to the next round, avoiding elimination. The remaining Rock the Cradle contestants are at the mercy of viewers' votes. Two more of them will be going home next week...