1. Rob is having a pleasant day, romping around the backyard with Meaty and Mini Horse ... until he goes to refill Mini's water and discovers a dead rat floating in it! Despite being disgusted by the discovery, Rob decides this is the perfect time......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. When rats take over their home, Rob suspects evil spirits are to blame and enlists the help of a psychic, an exorcist and exterminator.


About Episode

  1. Rob is having a pleasant day, romping around the backyard with Meaty and Mini Horse ... until he goes to refill Mini's water and discovers a dead rat floating in it!

    Despite being disgusted by the discovery, Rob decides this is the perfect time to torture Drama. He goes inside the house and hurls the limp, wet rat at his unsuspecting cousin. Thoroughly freaked out, Drama seeks shelter in a closet.

    Ever the crafty one, Rob places the rat on the outside handle of the door. Drama refuses to come out of the closet, thinking that Rob is going to pelt him. When Drama finally pokes his head out, he doesn't notice the rat on the door handle. Rob and Big lose it watching Drama open and shut the door without noticing the rat. Finally, Drama spots it and decides to stay inside the closet.

    The next morning, Rob fills Big in on a creepy incident that took place the night before. Rob says he went downstairs to grab his sweatshirt in the middle of the night and felt something touch him. He thinks it was a ghost!

    Upon checking the surveillance camera, Big agrees that Rob looks pretty freaked out by the incident. But Big points out that he had just finished taking a dump around the same time Rob felt "the presence" and theorizes that the smell would easily be enough to knock Rob over. Nonetheless, Rob thinks something isn't quite right with the house -- and it's not just rats.

    Rob decides a ghost hunter should pay a visit to the house. Big is ashamed at the very thought. He's a bodyguard, so he should be able to handle the situation. But Rob points out that when it comes to the supernatural, size doesn't matter.

    Later, Rob tells Big that he's hired a clairvoyant who "sweeps" houses for ghosts. He knows Big doesn't buy into the whole thing, but he asks for Big's support. Big agrees to be there for his buddy.

    Monique Chapman, an "intuitive consultant," arrives and explains that she will use a pendulum to determine whether there's positive or negative energy in the house. Rob's room is filled with mostly positive energy, so it just needs a little "cleansing." Big looks less than impressed as she waves her hands through the air to remove the negative energy.

    Then they head down to Big's room, where Big admits he's concerned that his wooden cat statue is "evil." Sure enough, Monique senses that there's some negative energy surrounding the statue and blames it on the fact that the person who made it wasn't happy. After Monique leaves, Rob is confident that they now live in a "ghost-free zone."

    The house may be free of ghosts, but it's certainly not free of rats. Yup, Rob's found another "dirty hood" rat. Enough is enough!

    Rob talks to a demonologist who tells him if Big's statue is indeed possessed, it could be responsible for the rat infestation. Convinced they have a possessed piece of art on their hands, Rob picks up the wooden cat and hauls it out of the house. Even Big becomes convinced that the statue's cursed when Rob throws it down the stairs and it breaks one of the steps!

    Rob, Big and the "devil kitty" meet with demonologist Kirby Robinson, who explains all the different exorcisms he's done. Big's still skeptical, especially when Kirby says he believes a female demon trapped inside the cat statue is summoning the rats. The statue must be burned.

    When Rob and Big arrive home, Rob decides there's a better way to take care of the problem -- feeding the statue into a wood chipper that just so happens to be in front of their house. Upon first attempt, the wood chipper only takes out the top of the statue, so they cut it into pieces with a chainsaw. This time the wood chipper has no problem chewing up the possessed piece of art, and Rob is satisfied that their rat problem is solved.

    Once again, Rob has spoken too soon. The next day, the guys notice a funky smell and discover yet another dead rat. Big is quite upset that they "murdered" his statue for nothing, but Rob is more disturbed about the fact that they're clearly under attack.

    Determined to take action, Rob emerges with a sledgehammer and a possessed look in his eyes. He's convinced there's a nest in his bathroom. Big watches as Rob runs into the bathroom to listen for rats, smashing holes in the walls when he thinks he hears one. When Rob's finished, he asks why Big let him completely destroy the room. Big says he wasn't going to argue with a guy carrying a sledgehammer!

    Rob finally decides to call an exterminator, who inspects the damage Rob has caused and points out that he didn't destroy any nests in the process. After locating the areas where the rats having been leaving their droppings, the exterminator lays traps and the boys are soon rat-free.

    Thrilled to be rid of rats and ghosts, Rob shows Big another reason to celebrate: a brand-new bathroom to replace the one he destroyed. Sometimes it pays to be possessed!