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  1. Rob and Big visit the Los Angeles zoo, where they stop to feed some big-ass hippos. Naturally, Big delights in feeding them dozens of apples, whole melons and heads of lettuce. As the hippos chomp away on pounds of food, Rob exclaims, "They're......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Big teaches Rob what it's really like to be large and in charge by transforming him into the seven foot, four-hundred pound Big Bob.


About Episode

  1. Rob and Big visit the Los Angeles zoo, where they stop to feed some big-ass hippos. Naturally, Big delights in feeding them dozens of apples, whole melons and heads of lettuce. As the hippos chomp away on pounds of food, Rob exclaims, "They're just like you!"

    True to form, Big brings home a box of giant donuts that are the size of cakes. Rob doesn't think Big needs "that much donut," but Big begs to differ. In fact, Big thinks there should be more big things available for big people. Rob reveals he thinks there's an advantage to living large, but Big says there are a lot of obstacles. He takes Rob on a tour of the house, pointing out all the things that aren't "massive-ass certified." Big shows off how he can only fit half a cheek on a kitchen chair and explains how he has to "turn, duck and roll" to get off the couch. Worst of all is the toilet -- there's no room for him to wipe!

    Rob claims he'll never be able to know Big's pain, which gives Big an idea. Two words: fat suit. Rob thinks going "Tyra-style" is a good idea, but only if it's done right. No worries! Big knows "big people" who can do work on Rob, and Rob gets excited about finding out what it's like to be a big man in a small world. Rob's even got his alter ego's name already picked out: Big Bob.

    Big wasn't kidding when he said he knew big people in the industry -- a Hollywood special effects expert and professional makeup artists are going to transform Rob into a husky man. At the fitting, Rob finds he enjoys packing some "extra meat" as he struts around with a double chin and a fat suit complete with "man boobs." Not only does he feel "more relaxed," but he has a blast playing with the fake fat. When Big dresses Rob in his clothes, the two friends fall into hysterics.

    Despite wearing the fat suit for only a few minutes, Rob's already feeling sympathetic toward Big's plight, so he orders some oversize couches. But when Rob asks Big to help him move the old couches to make room for the new ones, Big decides Rob still doesn't quite get what it's like to be a large man. Because of his size, Big says people always assume it's easy for him to move things. If Rob really wants to know what it's like to walk in Big's shoes, he's going to have to move the couches on his own.

    But since Rob doesn't have the strength of a big man, he shows Big how a "little man" moves furniture. He drags the couches out onto the balcony and pushes them over onto the ground below. Big's impressed, especially when the new, roomier couches arrive. Even Meaty approves, wasting no time jumping and slobbering all over them.

    Once the fat suit is complete, it's time for Rob to transform into Big Bob. After slipping into the suit, Rob uses his newfound girth to tackle Drama, who seems thoroughly freaked out by Rob's plus-size appearance.

    But Rob isn't satisfied with wearing just a fat suit. He wants to be really big, and that means adding stilts to the ensemble. At almost seven feet tall, Rob is really starting to feel like Big.

    It's time to take Rob's new look to the streets. The first stop? Santa Monica Pier. While taking a stroll, Rob is amazed at how many people are staring at him. Ignoring the gawkers, Rob and Big squeeze into a photo booth, shoot some hoops, play Dance Dance Revolution and try to pick up some ladies. But Rob gets bummed out when he and Big get kicked off a kiddie ride because the owner is afraid they'll break it.

    Feeling famished, Rob and Big head to Sizzler for an all-you-can-eat buffet, where Rob is again amazed at the fact that people are laughing and staring at him. Everyday life as a big dude isn't as easy at Rob thought it would be!

    Then, Big decides to give Rob a taste of his own medicine by making him skate a ramp. When Big tried to skate the same ramp awhile ago, he took a header and was bruised for weeks. And Rob doesn't fare much better, wiping out face-first. He feels Big's pain and promises to never ask him to skate again. Defeated, Rob tells Big that he now respects what Big goes through ... and he doesn't want to be big anymore. Time to say goodbye to Big Bob!

    Happy to be a little man once again, Rob surprises Big with a special gift: a customized bathroom complete with a spacious leather recliner wrapped around the toilet and a fan to cool things down. It's the bathroom Big's always dreamed of -- but that doesn't make it right when he drops trou in front of Rob and gets ready to do work!