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  1. While Big is folding laundry, Rob pulls him outside to show him "something special."...  Read Full Summary »

  2. While Rob and Big are hanging out one morning, Rob finds a tube of lip gloss that...  Read Full Summary »

  3. While Rob and Big are chillin' with friend Bam Bam and bulldog Meaty, Rob announces that...  Read Full Summary »

  4. While Rob and Big are eating breakfast one morning, Mini Horse keeps trying to steal a...  Read Full Summary »

  5. As tasks increase for the spontaneous duo of Rob and Big, Rob decides to hire a personal...  Read Full Summary »

  6. Who's ready for some Southern hospitality? Rob and Big are! The dynamic duo gear up and...  Read Full Summary »

  7. After Rob finishes working on an animated movie, Rob and Big walk back to their car and...  Read Full Summary »

  8. Rob and Big are back for a second season and ready to "do work" on a whole new level....  Read Full Summary »