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  1. It's the season finale of Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge, which means it's almost the end of the road for the Road Rulers and the Pit Crew. But who will ultimately walk away with the handsome reward that's been dangling in front of their noses......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. You saw the last two Pits on this week's finale - now watch extended versions of both right here!


  2. The shocking season finale has new people coming and going from the RV in an all out battle for the handsome reward.


About Episode

  1. It's the season finale of Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge, which means it's almost the end of the road for the Road Rulers and the Pit Crew. But who will ultimately walk away with the handsome reward that's been dangling in front of their noses week after week?

    The stakes are at an all-time high, and Road Rulers Tori and Adam are preparing to head into The Pit. But Roadmaster Drew Bell reveals a shocking revelation about one of the Roadies that's going to change everything. Drew tells them that over the past few weeks one of their teammates has committed a major Road Rules violation. David's been leaking information to the outside world, and he must leave the competition immediately. Wha?! After all David's been through, he's getting booted because he can't keep his mouth shut? What an idiot.

    With only five Roadies left, David needs to be replaced. It's Adam's lucky day as Drew tells him that he's off the hook and doesn't have to compete in The Pit. Instead, Dan and Shane, the top two vote getters for the guys in the Pit Crew, will battle it out for David's spot on the RV. Poor Tori still has to go into The Pit, where she'll battle Pit Crewer Kristen.

    The Pit battle they'll be competing in is called "Step It Up." There are three posts lined up in front of each person, and they must step up onto the first post and balance on one leg. After five minutes, whoever is still standing will step to the next post, and so on. Whoever lasts the longest wins.

    Tori, Kristen, Dan and Shane all step up onto their first posts and try to balance themselves. Tori's arms flail around while Shane's leg starts shaking just minutes into the competition. But it's Kristen that falls first, and Tori is victorious. Meanwhile, the guys are still standing strong, and both last the full five minutes. When they step onto the next post, though, Shane immediately crashes to the floor. Dan is literally the last man standing, and has regained his spot on the RV.

    The Roadies then meet Drew on a deserted highway, where they'll face off against the entire Pit Crew. In their most terrifying challenge yet, both teams will compete in "Drive-by," which consists of two semitrucks connected by a 28-foot long bridge. Each team has to jump onto the back of the truck, where they'll find six boxes. Each person will then have to transfer one box from the back truck to the front truck, all while the trucks are going 50 mph. The trucks will drive three miles and then stop. The team that transfers the most boxes wins.

    But there's a twist. If the Pit Crew wins, they'll bank 20K and the Roadies will have to send two players to the final Pit, where two Pit Crewers and two Roadies will battle it out for the last two spots on the RV and a piece of the grand prize. This is a chance for Pit Crewers Veronica, Ivory, Mike, Kristen, Monte and Shane to show the Roadies what they're really made of.

    As the trucks start rolling, the Pit Crewers climb on. They each grab a box from the back truck and head to the front truck, crossing the connecting bridge as the road whips by underneath them. Shane easily scores the first point. But behind him is Ivory, who looks absolutely terrified. Plus, the wind is so strong, Ivory can barely hold onto her box. Too scared to cross the bridge with her hands full, Ivory's holding up everyone else behind her. She winds up ditching the box and tries to cross the bridge.

    Ivory slips over and over again on the bridge, and the rest of the Pit Crewers are worried that they're running out of time. After about 10 tries, Ivory finally makes it across. Everyone starts piling over the bridge with their boxes and the Pit Crew scores two more points before time's up. Or did they? One of the boxes just made it onto the front truck when the trucks stopped, so they're not sure if they have two points or three.

    Now it's time for the Roadies to rise to the challenge. Derek is the first to cross the bridge. He slips and slides his way across but eventually scores a point. It's so windy out, though, that Tori, Kina and Susie all lose their boxes! Ugh. Nice going girls. Then Adam scores a second point, and, after that, it's all literally left in the hands of Dan. But Dan almost falls off the bridge and drops his box. The Roadies are out of boxes and they only scored two points. But is that enough to tie the Pit Crew?

    Nope. Drew declares the Pit Crew the winners. They indeed scored three points, and will bank 20K. The Roadies, on the other hand, must send one guy and one girl into The Pit.

    At dinner, the Roadies discuss who should go to The Pit. Kina immediately volunteers because both Tori and Susie have stepped up in the past and now she feels it's her turn. Picking a guy proves to be a little harder, though. Tori votes for Derek. Derek votes for Dan, who in turn chooses Derek. Then Adam, Susie and Kina cast their votes for Dan, sealing his fate.

    At the final Pit battle, Drew reiterates that the two winners get the last two spots on the RV, a piece of the $80,000 prize and new cars. This time around in The Pit, Kina and Dan get to choose their opponent by drawing names. Kina picks Angel while Dan picks Monte.

    The Pit challenge is called "Code Breaker," a game of memory and logic. At one end of The Pit are four empty grids, and at the other end of The Pit are two codes consisting of 64 numbers and letters. Each person must memorize the code and then write it on their grid. Once their grid is completely filled out, they must find four words that make up a popular phrase. Whoever breaks the code first wins.

    When the whistle blows, they all start running back and forth between their code and grid. Dan is the first to fill out his grid, and Monte is right behind him. They both scramble to find the hidden phrase but Monte's the first to reveal what it says: Road Rules Viewers' Revenge. Now that Kina and Angel know the phrase, it's just a matter of finding it in their grids. Luck is on Kina's side as she's the first to find the phrase.

    Kina, Monte, Adam, Derek, Susie and Tori can now pick up their prizes!

    Back on the RV, the Roadies reflect on how they've all had the time of their lives. Both painful and fun, they all say they wouldn't trade their experiences for the world. As the RV comes to a stop, they spot five Mazda3 cars and run outside. Their emotional rollercoaster ride comes to an end; they've earned this victory. In your face, Pit Crewers!