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  1. It's the penultimate Pit Battle on Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge, and for Road Ruler David and Pit Crewer Dan this could be their last chance to keep a spot on the RV and net their share of the handsome reward at the end of the season. In The......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. You saw David and Dan battle on this week's episode - Now watch the extended Pit battle right here!


  2. The Roadies have a Circ du Soleil mission and new alliances are made in the RV.


About Episode

  1. It's the penultimate Pit Battle on Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge, and for Road Ruler David and Pit Crewer Dan this could be their last chance to keep a spot on the RV and net their share of the handsome reward at the end of the season.

    In The Pit David and Dan will compete in "Balls Out." (Balls Out was the battle that pitted Adam against Monte a few weeks ago.) David and Dan will be strapped back-to-back in a ring. Lining the ring are blue balls for David and yellow balls for Dan, and there are two baskets outside the ring. Each guy has to land as many of his balls into his assigned basket as possible. If the ball misses the basket, there's no second shot. There is no time limit -- the game ends once all the balls are out of the ring -- and full contact is allowed to block your opponent.

    Roadmaster Drew Bell blows the whistle and David, who admits that he's no basketball player, decides to use his sizeable weight advantage over Dan to make it as hard as he can for Dan to shoot. As the battle begins Dan is able to land two balls in his basket while David only sinks one. After a few more moments of David throwing Dan around The Pit, Dan drops one more ball into his basket. Then David lands three more, making it 4-3 in favor of David.

    With only a few remaining balls rolling around the ring, Dan grabs the last yellow one and tries to score, but misses. Drew blows his whistle signaling that the game's over. David has beat Dan again.

    As the RV rolls up, the Roadies inside are hoping that David is the one waiting there for them -- what a difference one week makes! -- and they erupt in cheers to see him. David is equally, if not more, excited to see his teammates, and roars fiercely as the RV stops to pick him up. David settles back into the RV and they take off.

    It's not long before a clue comes, which this week has the gang headed to Las Vegas for a mission at the MGM Grand. The Roadies meet Drew in the hotel's massive theater where Cirque du Soleil performances are held. For their mission this week, the Road Rulers are going to see if they have what it takes to be in Cirque du Soleil by completing challenges throughout the theater.

    To prepare for their "audition," the Roadies spend some time training with Cirque du Soleil performers. Since the theater is one of the largest in the world, it's possible that someone could fall 200-feet to the floor -- so the Roadies' training is critical.

    After practicing, the Roadies head over to the old Real World stomping grounds at The Palms to have some drinks. After they've had a few -- maybe a few too many -- David pulls Derek aside to ask if he plans on voting him back into The Pit. Derek tries to sidestep the question, but eventually gives David his word that if the Roadies win the challenge he won't vote for David.

    David then makes his way over to Tori and asks about her plans. Tori tells David flat-out that she's not going to vote for him, no matter what. With both the original Pit Crew members on his side, David relaxes a bit and says he can focus on the mission and not have to constantly worry about landing in The Pit.

    In the morning, the Roadies are back at the MGM Grand waiting to see what their mission has in store for them. The mission includes three challenges, and each Roadie has to compete in all three. Joining Drew are performers from Cirque du Soleil, who will be judging how each task is done. Each challenge is worth up to 30 points, and to win this mission the Roadies need to have at least 75 points. Like last week, winning means banking $20,000.

    The first challenge involves make-up application, which is extremely important to Cirque du Soleil. Each Roadie is given a photo of a Cirque du Soleil character and then has to replicate the intricate face make-up of that character and apply it themselves. Everyone does a pretty good job, while Kina, totally in her element, really nails the first challenge.

    The second challenge requires the Roadies to go through a course of climbing and swinging between posts and beams throughout the theater. To get the maximum points each Roadie has to finish the challenge in less than five minutes. Adam, Kina, David, Susie and Tori all finish in time. Derek is the last to go, and halfway through the course he hears a pop in his left arm and screams out in pain. Derek thinks he may have torn a muscle, but with $20,000 on the line he plays through the pain and beats the clock.

    When Derek is done, the Road Rules trainer takes a look at his arm and thinks Derek has indeed torn a muscle and needs to go to a hospital. Derek doesn't want his team to lose so he tapes some giant bags of ice around his bicep to numb the pain. It's going to hurt, but Derek says he can continue.

    The last challenge of the mission is the pendulum, and the Roadies have to split up into guy-girl teams. They will then have to climb to the top of a high tower on opposite sides of the stage from each other and, while suspended by a wire, swoop down and touch each other in midair and then return to their tower.

    Adam and Susie go first. They swing down, touch and swing back, each landing easily on their towers. Derek and Kina are next, and they swing down and get close but are unable to touch. When they swing back to land on their towers, Derek can only grab onto it with his left arm and he lets out another painful yell as he pulls himself up. Last to go are David and Tori. They meet in the middle and touch hands, but when David swings back to his tower he is unable to hold on so he swings back and forth until he is finally able to grab hold and reel himself in.

    Back down on the stage, the Roadies line up in front of Drew and the judges to see how they did. After the scores are tabulated, the team as a whole receives 25 out of 30 points for the posts and beams course challenge, 21 points for the pendulum act and 23 points for their make-up application. Their total is 69 points, but they need 75 to win. The Roadies fail their mission, lose another $20,000 clams and have to send two people to The Pit.

    This loss couldn't have come at a worse time. With the final prize just around the corner, the group sits down to vote for the guy and girl they will be sending into final Pit Battle of the challenge. Kina admits that out of the girls she performed the worst in the mission -- but she refuses to volunteer. Kina wants her share of the money and a car as much as anyone else and if she's going into The Pit she will have to be voted in. To everyone's surprise, Tori pipes up and volunteers to go into The Pit. Tori explains that, out of all the girls, she's performed the best week in and week out, but because Kina isn't volunteering someone has to step up.

    With the girls decided, it's now all about which guy is heading to The Pit. Tori keeps her promise to David and doesn't vote for him, and since Derek can't compete until he's diagnosed by a doctor, Tori votes for Adam. Adam is a little stunned but says there doesn't need to be a vote and he'll go willingly.

    This is it. The final Pit Battle is next week, and the Roadies are sending in their two best players, Tori and Adam. With so much on the line it's anybody's guess as to what will happen.