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  1. With the Roadies failing their second mission in a row last week, Susie and Derek are in the Pit this week on Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge. To battle against Susie and Derek the online voters chose Dan and resurrected Veronica from the Pit......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. You saw Derek and Susie battle with Dan and Veronica on this week's episode - Now watch the extended Pit battle right here!


  2. In the third Pit-Stop Mission a flag football game gets rough when the Road Ruler and Pit Crew girls clash.


About Episode

  1. With the Roadies failing their second mission in a row last week, Susie and Derek are in the Pit this week on Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge. To battle against Susie and Derek the online voters chose Dan and resurrected Veronica from the Pit Crew.

    This Pit battle is called "Knock Out" and it's one we haven't seen before. The goal is to push your opponents out of a ring in the center of The Pit. In a sort of two vs. two Sumo match, Derek and Susie will be attached together at the hip, as will Dan and Veronica, and each player will have a large blocking pad for pushing their opponents. There are no second chances in Knock Out, so the first team to push the other team out of the ring will win. And a win in this one will either put a pair of Roadies back on the RV or kick a pair of Pit Crewers on board.

    When Roadmaster Drew Bell blows the whistle, the teams collide in the center of The Pit. Everyone is struggling to gain some leverage and momentum to push the others back. There is some clamoring and grunting in the middle, but soon enough Derek and Susie dig in and one large shove is good enough for them to push Dan and Veronica off balance so that they fall backwards and out of the ring. Derek and Susie remain champions in The Pit! They will both return to the RV hoping to stay there for the rest of the game as the handsome reward is so close they can almost touch it.

    After they get picked up at the side of the road, the rest of the Road Rulers seem pretty happy that Derek and Susie are back on the RV. It's been clear for a while that Adam, Kina and Tori were pushing for Derek and Susie to come back, but David, who plays nice during most of the week, says that he'd still rather have someone from the Pit Crew aboard that might take his side during deliberation.

    When the gang is officially on their way, they get a clue telling them to head to Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. The clue isn't very specific, but the word "charge" was used and since the San Diego Chargers NFL team plays at Qualcomm, the Roadies guess that the mission will likely have something to do with football.

    Once they arrive at the stadium, the Roadies' guesses are confirmed as Drew Bell walks out onto the field with Pro Bowler Chargers Marcus McNeil and Kassim Osgood. Following them are Kristen, Dan, Ivory, Shane, Veronica and Jerry from the Pit Crew. In another Pit Stop mission, this week the Roadies will play a full-on game of flag-football against the Pit Crew on a San Diego beach. With Marcus McNeil coaching the Pit Crew and Kassim Osgood coaching the Road Rulers, the teams spend the rest of the day getting ready for the big game by running drills and practicing plays.

    When we join the teams the next day, they're wearing uniforms and are ready for some football! And this is no pickup game on the sand. Oh no, this game will be official, complete with refs, announcers and, of course, a gaggle of San Diego Charger cheerleaders!

    As the game gets underway, the Roadies get the ball first and easily march down the field for a touchdown. When the Pit Crew gets the ball, they answer with ... a turnover! The Roadies get the ball again and score another touchdown, making this one seem like it's going to be an easy win for the RV gang.

    A few possessions later the Pit Crew finally musters enough spirit to score a touchdown, putting them into the game. As halftime nears with the Roadies still up 14 to 7, there's a three-way collision involving Dan, Ivory and, on the bottom of the pile, Tori! When the dust clears, Tori is down and out for the count; with a sharp pain in her leg, she is unable to stand. The trainer comes rushing over, but soon it appears that Tori may have just gotten a cramp in the melee. Some quick massaging and a little break have Tori walking again. She's able to stay in the game!

    The second half of the game is all Road Rulers. The Roadies score touchdown after touchdown while the Pit Crew manages to only add only eight points to the board. It turns out that the Roadies are able to win this one easily with a final score of 49 to 15! This marks a nice recovery from last week's failed mission, and the RV squad adds another $10,000 to the already sizable bank.

    Once the dust from the celebration settles, the time to vote comes yet again. Adam, Kina and Susie have a conversation about who should go into The Pit. David is brought up because even though he's been in The Pit as a Roadie, he hasn't volunteered yet, he's only been voted in. The three also bring up David's performances in the last two missions which they feel have been less than stellar.

    When all the Roadies squeeze into a picnic table as is their routine for deliberation, David's name is brought up first. Everyone has something to say about why they think David should go into The Pit, starting with David never stepping up and volunteering and adding his sub-par performance in the football game. David states that he didn't play the worse in the football game as he had a touchdown and not everyone in the RV did. Susie then comes back with his performance in the mission before that and that he was mostly saved from the Pit the week before because of his injury.

    It's clear that there's no convincing David, but that doesn't change anything, he's not volunteering. So, the team votes and it is David that will be sent into The Pit. Outside at the table by himself, David is shocked that all of a sudden previous missions are now coming into consideration when the team votes, something that hasn't happened before. If David was disenchanted with, and un-trusting of, the other Roadies before, he's even more so now. And there's no guarantee that if he makes it back to the RV next week there won't be another new reason for why he should be going to The Pit over the others.

    Now it's officially the home stretch for Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge and David is headed to The Pit again to fight for a spot in the RV and possibly a share of the handsome reward. Will he make it out as a Roadie? More importantly, if he does make it out, will he be able to stay out of The Pit?

    Check roadrules.mtv.com this Monday (April 23) at 3 p.m. ET to see the result of the online vote for who David will battle in The Pit. Then watch the new episode next Wednesday (April 25) at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT to find out who wins ... only on MTV.