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  1. We're back in The Pit this week in Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge for another epic battle between Derek and Dan. This time it's another game of "Grip Breaker," which you may remember from Susie's and Angel's encounter in the Pit. This time,......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. You saw Derek and Dan battle on this week's episode - Now watch the extended Pit battle right here!


  2. After an intense action-sports mission emotions run high during deliberation as the team changes their voting rules again.


About Episode

  1. We're back in The Pit this week in Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge for another epic battle between Derek and Dan. This time it's another game of "Grip Breaker," which you may remember from Susie's and Angel's encounter in the Pit. This time, however, don't expect anyone to give the other a free pass.

    To refresh your memory, Grip Breaker is like a mini tug-of-war. Dan and Derek will lie down on their backs in the middle of The Pit with their heads toward one another. They'll both grab onto one half of a small rope held above their heads. When Roadmaster Drew Bell blows the whistle, the goal will be to wrestle the rope away from your opponent with the first to score twice to be crowned the winner.

    At the whistle, Derek and Dan both roll over onto their knees and bring the rope in close. Dan gets on top of Derek first and appears to have the advantage. But, Derek uses all his strength and flips Dan over onto his back. Derek then plants his feet and pops up so fast that Dan has no chance of holding onto the rope; score one for Derek. When round two starts, it is Derek that gets on top first, and he twists the rope around in such a manner that Dan loses all grip on it. As Derek takes round two, he yells out with fierce vigor in victory as he will return to the RV. Whereas Dan, with two losses to Derek, must return to the Pit Crew and hope the voting viewers haven't given up on him yet.

    Meanwhile, back in the RV, the girls are up in the cockpit navigating the Southern California highways on their way to pick up the Pit Battle winner on the side of the road. Susie asks Tori who she would rather have back in the RV, Derek or Dan? Regardless of her history with Dan, Tori says she'd rather have Derek back. The other girls agree, as Derek was a little more amicable than Dan. However, from the back of the RV, David says he would rather have Dan back, because then he would know that there was another Pit Crew guy that has his back in the RV. As they pull up to see Derek waiting, there are cheers all around, for at the very least, everyone on the RV knows how strong Derek is and that he is such a fierce competitor -- both extremely valuable attributes for a Road Ruler.

    Derek settles back in and the RV is on its way. The gang gets a clue telling them that their next mission will be at Camp Woodward West. A quick Ask.com search lets them know that Camp Woodward is an extreme sports camp; this gets the Roadies both nervous and excited at the same time. When the Roadies make it to Woodward they find Drew waiting for them with a couple of special guests. First up is BMX superstar (and host of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge) TJ Lavin. Also along for the mission is inline skate champion Richie Velasquez. With these two greats helping them out, the Roadies should be ready for their mission in no time.

    The team is given a day to get their skating and biking legs, practicing tricks all over Woodward's indoor skate park that's stock full of bowls, ramps and half pipes. The next day, the Roadies gather to find out what the mission has for them this week. To bank the 10 large, the team will have to complete six stunts -- three BMX tricks and three inline skating tricks. Every Roadie has to compete but they get to pick which Roadie does which trick. Each trick will be worth a different amount of points depending on the difficulty. The Road Rulers will need 101 points to complete the mission and throw another $10,000 towards the handsome reward.

    First up is Tori. For 20 points, Tori has to drop into a large bowl the size of a swimming pool, skate across to the other side and then put a sticker above a line on the opposite wall. Tori drops in and looks a bit shaky at first but she keeps her legs under her. When Tori gets to the wall she skates up just high enough to smack the sticker above the line; that's 20 points for the team, only 81 more to go.

    Next up, David is on a bike lined up for a long jump. David has to ride off a jump and land past a line that's about six feet past the top of the jump. David gets airborne, but he doesn't get high enough and crashes down front wheel first. David flips over the handlebars landing on his back. He's in some pain, as he crushed his nads on the handlebars, but David walks it off like a champ.

    Susie is next and her goal is to drop into a very steep half pipe in a pair of inline skates and stay on her feet all the way to the bottom of the pipe, which is much easier said than done. Susie drops in, but when she hits the curve at the bottom of the pipe, her feet come out from under her and she falls backwards, sliding across the bottom and doesn't score any points either.

    Kina is on a bike for her stunt; a high jump. If Kina can clear a bar at the top of a jump she'll nab 30 more points for the team. Kina gets as much speed as possible as she doesn't need to land the jump, just clear the bar. She takes off at the top of the jump and soars over the bar with her front wheel way up in the air! Kina lands on her back wheel and then bails, sliding down to the bottom on the other side of the jump. The Roadies now have 50 points total.

    Adam is the next to go and he's on a bike to attempt a back flip into a foam pit. Adam seems to excel at all the missions and this one is no different. He executes an almost flawless back flip into the foam, scoring 50 points for the team to bring them to 100. Just one point is needed to score the 10 grand.

    Last to go is Derek, and he's got the hardest trick ahead of him; pulling off a front flip in a pair of skates, over a bar, and he has to stick the landing! Derek stuck a front flip the day before in training, but it wasn't over a bar and it will be hard to replicate. Derek takes off at the top of the jump and whips his legs around, but he doesn't get enough height. Derek comes back down hitting the bar and landing on his ass at the top of the jump.

    Although it would seem that they have failed their mission, the gang impressed TJ and Richie so much with everything they have accomplished that the pros are going to give the Roadies one more chance. For one point, the only point the Road Rulers need, Adam is asked to do another back flip, but this time on a regular jump and he must land the flip and roll out of it. This is Adam's first attempt at a back flip not into a foam pit. Adam gives everything he's got but he ends up going too big and the bike gets away from him. Adam lands hard on his back and slides down the landing. He's not seriously hurt but the mission is now officially over and the Roadies have lost.

    With two losses in a row the Viewers' Revenge rules state that the Road Rulers must send a guy and a girl into The Pit. With every Roadie in the RV having already gone into The Pit as a Roadie, the team doesn't know how they should decide who goes. At deliberation Susie starts the talks by saying that she thinks mission performance should now come into play. Susie decides to vote for herself because of the girls she was the only one that didn't score any points in the mission. With the girls choice decided, Susie explains that she would prefer that the others vote for Derek to go into The Pit with her. This isn't because Susie has a problem with Derek -- quite the contrary. Susie is so confident in Derek's abilities that she wants him in The Pit with her so she has the best chance to make it out as a Road Ruler. Derek is understandably angry --- this will be his third Pit in four weeks and to him it really doesn't seem fair. But the rest of the cast likes Susie's reasoning and they vote for Derek.

    Will the Road Rulers maintain their winning streak in The Pit and successfully stop a Pit Crew advantage in the RV? Find out who Susie and Derek will be battling this Monday (April 16) at 3 p.m. only at roadrules.mtv.com. Then tune into MTV on Wednesday (April 18) at 10:30 p.m. to see who wins.