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  1. Last week on Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge, David was voted into The Pit by the rest of the cast. Taking him on and trying to get onto the RV will be Shane, who the viewers voted in from the Pit Crew. They'll face off in another match up of......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. You saw David and Shane battle on this week's episode - Now watch the extended Pit battle right here!


  2. The Roadies race to become Desert Assassins and tempers flare when David fights with the girls.


About Episode

  1. Last week on Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge, David was voted into The Pit by the rest of the cast. Taking him on and trying to get onto the RV will be Shane, who the viewers voted in from the Pit Crew. They'll face off in another match up of "Fumble."

    In case you missed The Pit battle where Dan and Monte faced off to take booted Abram's place, Fumble is a rather simple game. In the middle of The Pit there is a football dangling from a rope and David and Shane will stand on opposite sides. When Roadmaster Drew Bell blows the whistle, the football drops and the challengers must recover the ball and take it to the end zone on the opposite side of The Pit. It's a best two-out-of-three battle, and with the RV rolling on toward the end of the road and the handsome reward coming into the headlights, a spot in the RV becomes more important with each passing week.

    So Drew blows the whistle and Shane and David take off towards the ball, colliding head first and smashing helmet-to-helmet. David recovers faster than Shane and he takes the ball into the end zone with force. David and Shane go back to their starting spots and the ball is reset on the rope. The whistle blows and it's another collision in the center of The Pit. When David takes control of the ball again, Shane gets both arms around him and begins to push him backwards. But David's size and brute strength is just too much! David pushes back and lunges for the end zone, falling over the line, securing his second victory in The Pit and his first as a Roadie.

    Meanwhile, back in the RV, the rest of the cast is once again anxious to see who they will be picking up on the side of the road. In the past couple weeks it appeared as if David was, more or less, getting along great with the rest of Road Rulers. But after the rest of the team got a chance to see last week's episode and were able to see what David really believes, they aren't so sure they can trust him. Tori and Susie don't think it's worth the risk; they would rather see Shane waiting on the side of the road.

    While David awaits the RV, he shares his opinions on getting his seat back. He hopes that his win in The Pit will gain the respect of the rest of the team and that he won't be continually voted into The Pit. However, he also knows that things didn't end too well last week and he's nervous that there might be some bad blood between him and some of the other Roadies.

    When David steps on the RV his fears are confirmed as he and Tori immediately get into it. Tori calls David out for acting like everything is just hunky-dory to everyone's face but bad mouthing them in interviews. David comes back by saying that Tori is the fake one and that she's been playing both sides since day one and that he won't ever be able to trust her. As the argument continues, name-calling ensues and Tori ends up in tears. David, not really the bad guy that people are seeing here, calms down quickly and apologizes. Tori accepts his apology, but lets it be known that everything isn't OK and that she'll have a very hard time trusting David again.

    With some of the problems on the RV settled, at least for now, the gang hits the road for their next mission. The Roadies decide to spend the night in the Mojave Desert. At night they build a campfire and they are all sitting around it when they get a text message clue on their cell phone. The clue says that they will need to go to a dry lake bed in the desert where they will come face-to-face with some assassins. Just then dozens of headlights come out of the night and dune buggies and dirt bikes are circling the panicking Road Rulers. These are the Desert Assassins, a desert racing team, and they are here to oversee the next day's mission.

    In the morning the Roadies meet up with Roadmaster Drew and the Desert Assassins to see what's in store. For this week's mission the Road Rulers will have to complete a desert road rally. The gang splits up into pairs, each to complete one section of the six-mile course. There are two checkpoints where the racing pair will swap out with their waiting teammates. If the team can finish the entire six miles in less than 15 minutes, they will complete the mission and bank the 10 large. If not, it will be up to the Assassins to decide if the Road Rulers will get a chance to redeem themselves with another challenge.

    For the first section of the rally, David is driving and Susie is riding shotgun, navigating the course. They take off slowly, as this is David's first time driving anything with a manual transmission. But sure enough, David gets the buggy up to speed and they reach the first checkpoint where Derek and Kina are waiting. Kina takes the wheel and Derek straps into the passenger seat and they take off. In no time they reach the last check point, where Adam jumps into the driver's seat and Tori rides shotgun to navigate the last stretch of the race. Adam lets the car scream as he hits the gas and they fly towards the finish. Adam and Tori cross the finish line at full speed and they even manage to impress some of the on-looking Desert Assassins, but will their time be good enough to succeed in the mission?

    When they meet up with Drew, the gang is given some bad news: they finished their rally almost five minutes over their goal. But, it's not over. The Assassins are feeling generous and decide to give the Roadies another chance to get a hold of the $10,000.

    The Desert Assassins have set up a ramp that all six Roadies will have to jump in a buggy. If the two longest jumps combined can clear 160 feet, they will successfully complete the mission.

    David volunteers to be the guinea pig, as he usually does, and straps into the buggy to give it a try. After figuring out where second gear is, David puts the pedal to the floor. He hits the jump and takes off, landing almost 70 feet past the jump. Up next is Adam and he'll need to improve on that distance if the Roadies are going to have a chance at completing the mission. But Adam lands just short of 60 feet, not nearly enough.

    Adam is followed by Susie, Kina, Tori and lastly Derek. All the roadies make successful jumps, but they all land at distances similar to David and Derek, who had the two longest jumps at 68 feet and 67 feet, respectively. It seems that the Road Rulers don't have what it takes to be a Desert Assassin as they have failed another mission.

    Back in the RV it comes to deliberation time again. Kina, Susie and Tori discuss who they would rather have in the RV, David or Derek. For sure, Tori would rather have Derek around, but the others aren't so sure. David may have caused some problems recently, but he's proven to be an asset in the missions.

    But, when it comes time to vote, Derek decides to not give the rest of a team a chance to put either of them into The Pit unwillingly, and volunteers himself. Derek hopes that his sacrifice will prove to the rest of the team that he respects the work they have done, and hopes that if he returns he will have their respect as a full blown Road Ruler and will be treated as an equal.

    Will Derek make it out of The Pit alive and return to the RV? Find out who he's battling Monday (April 9) at 3 p.m. exclusively at roadrules.mtv.com. Then tune into MTV on Wednesday (April 11) at 10:30 p.m. to find out who wins!