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  1. This is a first for Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge. Because the Roadies failed a second mission last week, they were forced to send two people from the RV to The Pit. Shane volunteered and the gang voted Angel to go into elimination, and the......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. You saw Shane and Angel face off with David and Susie on this week's episode - Now watch the extended Pit battle right here!


  2. The Roadies head to a Marine Corps training facility in the mountains for a high altitude survival and rescue mission.


About Episode

  1. This is a first for Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge. Because the Roadies failed a second mission last week, they were forced to send two people from the RV to The Pit. Shane volunteered and the gang voted Angel to go into elimination, and the viewers voted Susie and David to battle against them.

    At The Pit, Roadmaster Drew Bell announces a special twist: this Pit will not be one-on-one, guy vs. guy and girl vs. girl; it will be Road Rulers vs. The Pit Crew. This means that both Roadies could return to the RV or both Pit Crew members will take their place. And it will all be decided on the "Fault Line."

    To play Fault Line, all four challengers stand attached at the waist by harnesses to form a line in the middle of The Pit. On either side are flags, two blue ones for the Roadies and two yellow flags for the Pit Crew. The team that takes down their flags first will be the winner.

    When the whistle blows, the teams pull in opposite directions and the whole group collapses into a ball on the side of The Pit. Susie and David gain some momentum and Susie is able to reach one of the Pit Crew flags and take it down. Shane and Angel answer by slowly dragging the mash of people towards their side of The Pit, but just as a flag comes into Angel's reach, David summons enough strength to nearly lift the other three off the ground as he lunges for the final Pit Crew flag!

    As the group crashes down, David is able pull the flag down and the Pit Crew win the battle. Susie will return to the RV and David gets his first chance at being a Road Ruler. This puts Shane and Angel into the Pit Crew to await another chance to prove themselves worthy of the RV.

    We next see Susie and David on the side of the road waiting to be picked up by the RV. David promises they'll see a part of him this week that they haven't before... and he keeps that promise when the RV pulls up to find David wearing nothing at all! It all leads up to a bittersweet moment as the Roadies are ecstatic to have Susie back, but they'll miss Shane. However, Tori reasons that because of her problems last week with Shane, a new face is likely a good thing.

    Shortly after David and Susie settle into the RV, the team receives an indication of what the next mission will hold. The clue sends the group into the mountains to a place called Pickle Meadow. Although it sounds serene, it's likely not, as it is a place that the U.S. Marine Corps uses as a training center!

    This week's mission has the Roadies completing an avalanche rescue and executing a rather chilly mountain survival exercise. It's getting harder and harder for the Roadies to get that 10 large with each passing week!

    For the first part of the mission the gang has to rescue someone that has been buried in an avalanche. The RV team is given eight minutes to gear up and climb up the mountain to the victim. Making their way up the slope, they quickly realize that hiking in snow shoes at 10,000 feet isn't exactly easy, but they all make it to the victim with a few seconds to spare.

    For the next step, the Road Rulers have 15 minutes to dig the buried victim out of the snow. It's another grueling task for the already exhausted team, but they manage to pull out the victim within the time limit.

    The final step of the mountain rescue requires the victim to be brought out of the avalanche area and secured into a vehicle waiting to bring the victim down the mountain. With eight minutes to complete this task, David leads the way. He attaches the sled carrying the victim to himself and the Roadies make their way to the vehicle. It's a hard job but the team eventually makes it and gets the victim loaded up to complete this part of the mission.

    For the survival element, the Marines overseeing the mission have cut a large hole in the ice of a lake at their training compound. To successfully complete this mission and bank the $10,000, four of the six Roadies will have to submerge themselves in the water in full gear with a back pack on and then climb out of the water on their own. David goes first and his cries of pain are more than a little disheartening to the rest of the group. But staying focused, David is able to pull himself out of the freezing water before anything terrible happens.

    Adam and Dan follow and are able to get in and out very quickly. Tori is the last to go. If she can climb out of the water on her own, the Road Rulers will complete the mission. Tori cautiously enters the water and immediately the cold makes her lose her focus. But with Susie and Kina right by her side shouting encouragement, Tori is able slowly roll out of the water and onto the ice to complete the mission!

    With another $10,000 dollars secured the gang heads back to the RV to warm up. One thing leads to another and the conversation leads to another discussion about Tori's constant flirting, and soon enough we find Dan talking about getting burned by more than one girl and his overall lack of trust in women. As it becomes clear that Dan is mostly talking about her, an offended Tori confronts Dan and talking turns into yelling. Taking their argument outside a few minutes later, more yelling ensues, but within a few minutes, Dan and Tori realize that to get through the rest of Road Rules, nothing can happen between them and they will need to be friends.

    Come morning, the gang huddles around a picnic table for deliberation, but like most weeks, this meeting is a short one. Dan volunteers himself into The Pit and the rest of the Roadies accept his decision. Confident he'll return no matter who he faces in The Pit, Dan says some quick goodbyes and then steps off the RV.

    Will Dan be victorious for a second time in The Pit and remain a RV livin' Road Ruler? Find out who Dan's facing in The Pit on Monday (March 26) exclusively at roadrules.mtv.com. Then tune into MTV on Wednesday (March 28) at 10:30 PM ET/PT to find out who wins his way onto the RV!