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  1. It's week five of Road Rules: Viewers? Revenge and we start off, as always, in The Pit. At the end of last week's episode, a confident Kina volunteered herself to enter elimination and fight to keep her spot on the RV. The viewers voted and Angel......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. You saw Kina and Angel battle on this week's episode - Now watch the extended Pit battle right here!


  2. Kina competes in the most intense Pit yet and the Roadies go to racing school.


About Episode

  1. It's week five of Road Rules: Viewers? Revenge and we start off, as always, in The Pit. At the end of last week's episode, a confident Kina volunteered herself to enter elimination and fight to keep her spot on the RV. The viewers voted and Angel from the Pit Crew was chosen to face Kina.

    For their Pit battle, Kina and Angel have to compete in something called 'The Scorpion' which has them strapping their right arms together and then attempting to remove nine tags attached to their opponent's back. Immediately emotions run high as Angel gets a hand to the face in the struggle. After a short break and a warning from Road Master Drew Bell to "keep it clean," each competitor has eight of their nine tags left and the battle is back on.

    Kina attacks quickly and is able to remove all but three of Angel's tags while managing to keep seven of hers. After another short break Kina is able to remove two more tags while Angel struggles and only frees one from Kina's back. There is one last short breather and then Kina goes in for the kill and quickly seals her victory.

    However, the fight is not yet over. A visibly distraught Angel, frustrated with her loss and Kina's aggressiveness can find nothing else to do but to call Kina a transvestite for what Angel believes to be uncharacteristic strength. Kina responds by rushing over to Angel and getting in her face, but the altercation stops there. With neither opponent wanting to risk their chances on the show and Drew on hand to diffuse the situation, Angel and Kina are able to calm down and shake hands, but it appears neither leave as friends.

    Meanwhile, back on the RV the remaining Roadies express their deep convictions to keep the current team together and are overcome with joy when they see Kina sitting by the side of the road waiting for the RV. The cast becomes even more convinced that they have a winning team when they hear about Angel's reactions to losing in The Pit. However, things may not be as pleasant on the RV as everyone wants them to be. An increasingly distant Dan, upset by negative comments on his blog and the news that a fellow marine has passed away, is spending less time with the group. A concerned Tori attempts talk to him, but Dan just wants to be left alone. After getting the cold shoulder, Tori has had enough and storms off into the RV.

    But, there is no time to cure hurt feelings, as the Road Rulers head to Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, Calif., for their next mission. The first day is another training session as the gang learns the necessary driving skills to succeed in high performance racing. While some of the team is excited, others are not. Take Kina, who is uneasy simply because all the cars have manual transmissions and she doesn't know how to drive a stick. The instructors tell her not to worry as they are confident that at the end of the day everyone will possess what they need to complete their mission the next day. After a fun and exciting day of intense driving school the Roadies head back to the RV to get a good night's rest for their mission.

    In the morning the team meets up with Drew Bell and the Raceway instructors to find out about their mission. For the Road Rulers to grab another 10 large, they will have to make a complete lap of the 2.24 mile Laguna Seca Raceway in less than two minutes and 20 seconds. Once again Adam, feeling the most experienced, offers to take the lead and set the pace that the others will follow, meaning that it's his speed that will determine whether or not the gang will complete the mission.

    The Roadies gear up, strap into their race cars, start their engines, and are off! Everyone is nervous, but they know what is at stake and after a few a turns it appears that yesterday's training was an incredible help, with the whole group able to keep a tight path behind Adam. The mission is looking good with everyone performing very well into the home stretch. Then, 100 yards from the finish line, Dan takes a corner too fast and skids out into the grass. Tori, distracted by Dan's loss of control, spins out as well and the mission ends there: as a failure. The gang meets up with Drew where the bad news is made final. To make it worse, they are told that Adam finished the lap in time to secure the $10,000, if only everyone had finished the race.

    It is voting time again on the RV and after the team's first loss to date, the decision is a hard one. Dan, still detached from the group, and feeling even worse about causing the team to lose the mission reflects by himself while, inside the RV, the rest of the Road Rulers discuss what they should do. It's clear to everyone that Dan has been the weakest link in both his missions, and although they don't see that as necessarily determining exile into The Pit, they agree that it should be taken into serious consideration.

    Tori, Shane, Adam, Kina and Susie join Dan outside the RV to make a final choice. Adam brings up the fact that it was Dan who lost the mission for them and Dan willingly agrees. But, in the end it is Susie who steps up. Feeling confident in her strength and chances in The Pit, Susie also feels that Dan has more to gain from the Road Rules experience than she does at the moment, so he deserves the opportunity to stay. The rest of the cast accepts Susie's decision to volunteer and they say goodbye to another veteran Roadie that none of them want to see leave the RV.

    Who will Susie face in The Pit? Get your first look Saturday (March 3), exclusively at roadrules.mtv.com.