Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge

about Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge

Road Rules is back! And this time around, you're in charge. Like the 13 seasons of Road Rules that have come before, we're putting six suddenly penniless people in an RV and setting them on an adventure led by a Roadmaster, Drew Bell. And, as before, each episode will land the competitors in new locations to face unforeseen obstacles and challenges as they strive to achieve their goal. Expect each episode to have all of the big missions that are at the core of Road Rules. And with it expect all of the drama that comes from Road Rules veterans Veronica, Abram, Kina, Adam, Susie and Shane being crammed into an RV without a clue of where they're headed or what they'll be doing tomorrow. But that's where the similarity ends. First, we're piling Road Rules alumni Veronica, Abram, Kina, Adam, Susie and Shane into the RV. Then, after every mission, the Road Rulers must choose one teammate that must head to The Pit to battle it out with one member of The Pit Crew. Who is the Pit Crew? It's a group of eight newbies (aka Road Ruler wannabes) -- beginning with Angel, Dan, David, Ivory, Jerry, Kristen, Monte and Tori -- waiting in the wings to claim a coveted seat on the Road Rules RV. Each week, based on your votes on, one Pit Crew member will be selected to face off with the chosen Road Ruler in a drop down, drag out, killer battle in the Elimination Pit. Where do you watch this battle? On, of course. Whoever is victorious gets on the RV to continue on the journey... at least until next week. The final six on the RV at the end of the season will claim the coveted "handsome reward." Whether alumni or newbie, you can bet there's a bumpy road ahead. Who's going to make it to end? It's up to YOU. You see, this season, Road Rules is happening in real time. Week-to-week, you'll be watching the exploits of the previous seven days on MTV, then voting on It's the next best thing to being on the RV! Oooh, this is gonna be good! Get ready to hear it again: "Welcome to the ride of your life. Your destination? Anywhere. Your money? Gone. Your mission? Survive and you'll be rewarded handsomely. Throw out your rules - these are Road Rules!"