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Return To Duty

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Ryan's Return To Duty Special

Watch Ryan's emotional journey back to Iraq.

Watch Ryan's Exclusive Interview From Iraq

Ryan explains how he is doing now and has a message to all of his fans.

Ryan's Exclusive Photos

Flip through photos of Ryan from Iraq.

Music From The Special

Read up about Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, the band featured in RTC.

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  1. Return To Duty follows The Real World Brooklyn alum Ryan on his emotional second tour of...  Read Full Summary »



  1. Read up on Ryan's first book, 'An Angel From Hell.'

  2. Ryan explains where he is now and expresses his thoughts about his doc.

  3. Watch Ryan and his families emotional journey back to Iraq.

  1. Flip through exclusive photos of Ryan while in combat.

  2. Follow Ryan's life up to his deployment by watching the full season of The Real World: Brooklyn.

  3. Sign the BRAVE petition, access resources for veterans and their loved ones and also read Ryan's in depth blogs.

About Real World Presents: Return to Duty

  1. Any viewer of The Real World Brooklyn vividly remembers the emotional moment when cast member, and Army vet, Ryan Conklin was unexpectedly recalled for a second tour of duty in Iraq. Return to Duty is Ryan's gritty and very personal document of his return as a patrol gunner to the sweltering streets of Baghdad. Equipped with his own video camera, and the addition of a camera crew embedded with his unit, it's a soldier's view of America's changing military presence in the long war in Iraq. His very close-knit family back home must cope with the fear and absence of their son fighting overseas once again; while his new found relationship with Brooklyn Real World roommate Baya is put to a critical test.