Real World New Orleans

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about Real World New Orleans

This season of The Real World found its newest recruits living amidst the old-world charm and southern decadence of New Orleans, where they were met with the ironic challenge of co-producing and hosting their own cable access television program. Sharing an immense Greek revival mansion located on the tree-lined parade-route of St. Charles Avenue in the historic Garden District, the cast had front row seats to the city's endless stream of pageantry passing outside their front door. Throughout the season, the cast embarked on a variety of distinct New Orleans experiences, from a masked ride on a Mardi Gras float; to a dinner party at the home of a famous local author; to a swamp tour through the alligator-infested bayou; and into the French Quarter's seedy strip clubs. This season also witnessed the first hidden relationship in Real World history: Danny's boyfriend visited the house under the condition that his face be concealed from the camera for fear of the repercussions that would result from his being identified as a gay in the military.