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  1. At 21, Amaya claims that she's at a crossroads in her life. Now that she has graduated from UCLA, she is struggling over revealing her true self to the world. Her closest friends know her as a sassy, sarcastic and sexual young woman with an appetite...   Read More

  2. Hailing from Thousand Oaks, California, Colin's good looks and sincere, open manner could easily earn him pin-up status on any teenager's bedroom wall. Colin's parents divorced when he was very young, forcing him to split time between two...   Read More

  3. A child prodigy, Justin found it tough to socialize with his peers in his hometown of Houston, Texas. His frustrations with the intolerance of his schoolmates and a lack of academic challenges led him to Simon's Rock College at age 15. Now...   Read More

  4. Twenty-two-year-old Kaia changed her name from Margaret after living in Tanzania. Her adopted name means "stability" in Swahili. A native of Chicago, Illinois, she now majors in African-American studies at UC Berkeley. Kaia is a strong woman in...   Read More

  5. Matt is an outspoken writer with a self-deprecating wit. During high school, he interned at a radio station, where he performed so well that he was given his own show. At 22, Matt is enrolled at UCLA where he's studying political science and...   Read More

  6. One of triplets and the only native born Hawaiian in the cast, Ruthie was raised in a foster home by a strict, Filipino family. According to Ruthie, her foster parents favored their biological children and discouraged Ruthie from educating herself....   Read More

  7. The son of a minister, Teck has a contagious energy and humor. Twenty-two years old, Teck is a ladies man in--what some would say--a charming way. Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, his goal in life is to become an entertainer and segue into politics,...   Read More