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  1. A 19-year-old Mexican American beauty from Brownsville, Texas, Elka grew up speaking Spanish before English, and the town she grew up in is 90 percent Hispanic. She was raised with strong, strict Catholic values. Having grown up in what she calls a...   Read More

  2. From Gulfport, Mississippi, 20-year-old Genesis initially appears to be a genuine Southern Belle: beautiful and polite, with a charming Southern drawl. In reality, Genesis has no problem telling people exactly how it is. "When I open my mouth, most...   Read More

  3. "The way I express myself is through my writing. It is my outlet," says Jason, a 24-year-old poet and spoken word artist from Boulder, Colorado. Jason says emotion plays a large role in his art and he tries to incorporate philosophy into his work....   Read More

  4. As a 19-year-old African-American sophomore at Stanford University, Kameelah shouldn't have anything to prove to the world. A strong-willed and opinionated young woman, Kameelah grew up in San Diego and is currently studying human biology with a...   Read More

  5. Named after a character in a Kurt Vonnegut novel, 21-year-old Montana is a unique individual. Moving to Boston from Manhattan, Montana claims she will have trouble leaving the city. This budding paleontologist-archaeologist most recently worked in...   Read More

  6. Who would have thought that a true lumberjack would move to Boston to live with six strangers? Sean is a typical Midwestern boy from Hayward, Wisconsin who just happens to be a lumberjack Sports World Champion. At age 25, he has toured all over the...   Read More

  7. At the age of 25, Syrus, who hails from Santa Monica, California, is a man in pursuit of happiness. He attended the University of Hawaii on a basketball scholarship, majored in communications and coached youth basketball. When asked about his...   Read More