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  1. This is the final week in the house. The housemates discover how much they enjoyed living in London with each other. Neil and Mike go to a pub and talk about their mates and their experience....  Read Full Summary »

  2. The weeklong trip to Kenya continues with the slaughter of a goat for dinner, Sharon does not want to be a part of this so she goes off by herself. The Masai drink the goat's blood after killing it. Neil tastes the blood, too....  Read Full Summary »

  3. The roommates receive the exciting news that they are headed for Kenya. They fly to the middle of nowhere, caravan to the camp and climb a nearby hill to watch the sunset. They speak with the native Masai warriors and learn that the Masai way of life is d...  Read Full Summary »

  4. Jacinda goes to Rome and Milan for photo shoots. Her stubborn attitude makes her frustrated with both shoots. Mike goes home to race and does extremely well. He is happy to be able to "redeem" himself after disappointing races in England. While at home, h...  Read Full Summary »

  5. The new roommates explore London on foot. Neil and Kat find themselves attracted to one another, much to Mike's chagrin. While out on the town later that evening, Mike spots a girl he finds attractive. Once he tells everybody of his find, he's dismayed t...  Read Full Summary »

  6. Sharon has band rehearsal and her nerves get the best of her. Once she relaxes she does a great job. Lars says he wants to get to know more club promoters and eventually his persistence pays off because he snags a gig....  Read Full Summary »

  7. The cast accuses Mike of being a "typical male" because he calls women derogatory names like "bitch." He meets a young woman named Nina whom he actually cares about and claims he is not in the relationship just to "shag." Kat falls for an English man, a f...  Read Full Summary »

  8. The roommates bond and share some dinner. This episode focuses on something that has become a huge part of The Real World; the confessional....  Read Full Summary »

  9. Jay is homesick and decides to go home to Portland for a few days, but before he leaves, Jacinda takes Jay lingerie shopping. He is a bit nervous about seeing his "girlfriend" Alicia but things fall right into place once they are finally in each other's a...  Read Full Summary »

  10. The roommates decide to visit the ideal home show convention where Sharon works. The roommates cause trouble for Sharon. Kat is taking classes and loving her post modernism courses. Sharon gets upset that none of the roommates understand her feelings a...  Read Full Summary »

  11. After Jay finishes the performance of his play, the flat is turned into a discotheque/concert hall and love is in the air. Neil performs with his band while Lars DJs. The gang begins to drink heavily and Mike is obviously the most inebriated. He begins t...  Read Full Summary »

  12. Jay confesses to his roommates that he had to go to court against his father so that his stepfather could legally adopt him. His birth father ends up sending him a letter while in London and both plan to meet up sometime during his five-month stay in the...  Read Full Summary »

  13. Start up your engines! Mike gets familiar with a London racetrack. He wants to race and kick some butt to earn respect from the roommates. Mike has problems with his car during the qualifying race. He ends up placing 17th and is disappointed, but his c...  Read Full Summary »

  14. The group takes a weekend getaway to the north of England. None of the roommates are overly excited to spend the weekend together. The rest of the weekend mimics an episode of Road Rules....  Read Full Summary »

  15. The peaceful quality of life at the loft ends when the phone is disconnected. In order to have service reinstated, the roommates must come up with 530 pounds, a task that proves challenging because the girls have all conveniently lost their wallets. Jacin...  Read Full Summary »

  16. This episode centers on Mike's racecar driving and his efforts to find a sponsor. His dad, brother and stepmother come to visit him and nag him to get a "real" job. His dad was a former racecar driver and has a fascination with Lola brand racecars. After...  Read Full Summary »

  17. Jacinda'a boyfriend Paul arrives and, despite their differing attitudes towards their relationship, find they are still in love. Jacinda and Paul buy a puppy, much to the dismay of her roommates. Jacinda begins taking flying lessons....  Read Full Summary »

  18. The cast watches in horror as Neil performs with his band and has his tongue bitten off by a very inebriated man in the audience. Blood gushes everywhere and he is rushed to the emergency room, where he is given 15 stitches. He's unable to eat, drink or t...  Read Full Summary »

  19. Another day on the job! The cast looks for employment to curb their boredom. Jacinda continues modeling, although she is beginning to dislike it more with each job. By the end of the episode, however, she decides that modeling really isn't so bad because...  Read Full Summary »

  20. Mike meets with the prep team he wants to race with, but can't find a sponsor. He is reluctant to ask his father for help but does so out of desperation. His father says that he won't help him if he is racing in London but will give him a free ride if h...  Read Full Summary »

  21. Sharon's career as a singer is threatened when she decides to undergo surgery to remove a nodule on her throat. The operation is a success, but her tougher test is not talking for a week so she can rest her vocal chords. This chatterbox lasts less than a...  Read Full Summary »

  22. Mike and Neil's differences are exposed as Neil explains that Mike represents everything about Americans that he is "not too happy about." Mike has no problem being labeled as "so American." He has great pride in his homeland and tries to describe what h...  Read Full Summary »

  23. The diverse group of three Americans, three Europeans, and one Australian arrive in their Notting Hill home where they will live for the next six months. Mike, a St. Louis native and racecar driver, and Jay, a theater aficionado and Oregon native......  Read Full Summary »