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  1. Jacinda, a Paris-based model, has been traveling all over Europe since she left home at age 17. Now 22, she plans to continue her modeling career while in London. She is represented by the Storm modeling agency (who also represents Elle MacPherson...   Read More

  2. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Jay wrote a one-man show called Bedroomwhile he was a senior in high school. This play led to him being selected as a Presidential Scholar in recognition of his abilities as a playwright. This 19-year-old has...   Read More

  3. An anthropology major at NYU, 19-year-old Kat was born in Alaska and grew up outside of Tacoma, Washington. Kat was awarded an academic scholarship to NYU for her fencing ability and returns to the U.S. during her stay in London to participate in...   Read More

  4. Although he grew up in Northern Germany, 24-year-old Lars has been living in Berlin and working for an event and marketing agency while attending the University of Berlin. Lars is currently studying communications and North American studies. The...   Read More

  5. Twenty-one-year-old Mike is a dedicated racecar driver who has been earning his stripes in America racing Formula 2000 cars. He tries his hand at racing Formula Renault cars in the British Touring Car Championship while in England. Although he comes...   Read More

  6. Neil, a graduate of Oxford University's Wadham College, is taking time off from his Ph.D. studies in experimental psychology to play in London with his band. An advocate of body piercing, 24-year-old Neil describes his music as "noise." His...   Read More

  7. Sharon, a 20-year-old singer/songwriter, performs with her jazz funk band when she is not listening to Hue & Cry, U2, Tori Amos, Leslie Garrett and Enya. Raised in a single parent home, Sharon is very close to her mother. Sharon is English but...   Read More