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  1. Unlike a lot of 21-year-olds, Aaron, a business/economics major at UCLA already has an accounting job lined up for next fall. Originally from Orange County, California, Aaron likes the diversity of the people in Los Angeles, but he doesn't like the...   Read More

  2. Beth is a graduate of Ohio State University, where she studied film, television and radio production. Unlike most of her friends who are settling down for marriage, 24-year-old Beth felt the need to head west--not only to pursue her career, but also...   Read More

  3. David may have arrived in Los Angeles on a Greyhound bus, but it won't be long before he's flying first class. This 21-year-old stand-up comedian, originally from Washington, D.C., has only been in Los Angeles a couple of months. Despite this, he's...   Read More

  4. Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Dominic first came to the United States for a holiday. He ended up liking the weather and people so much he decided to stay. Twenty-four-year-old Dominic currently writes reviews of bands and television for...   Read More

  5. A Southern California native, 25-year-old Irene is Deputy Marshal for the Los Angeles County Marshals Department. On a typical day, you can find her serving as a bailiff, delivering subpoenas, or handling an eviction. While Irene may have a tough...   Read More

  6. More than miles separate Owensboro, Kentucky, from Venice Beach. But that's just what excites country singer Jon about making the move west. Jon is taking a semester off from Belmont University in Nashville to pursue his music career in Los Angeles...   Read More

  7. Tami begins each day with a Buddhist chant, ensuring her peace and serenity no matter how rough her day turns out. Hailing from New York state, Tami moved out west where she works as an AIDS care specialist helping clients work through the...   Read More

  8. Originally hailing from Pennsylvania, Glen was chosen to live in the Venice, Calif. loft after David left the house. Glen is an intense guy who is the lead singer of his band "Perch." Much to some of his roommates' dismay, Glen doesn't take too much...   Read More

  9. A soft-spoken gal from Eugene, Oregon, Beth A. comes to Real World Los Angeles after Irene gets married and moves out. She instantly bonds with newbie Glen and they form a lasting relationship. While on the show, she works for a craft...   Read More