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    Get ready for a season packed full of adventure as the The Real World reaches new heights, literally, as the roommates scale mountains and learn to live in the wilderness....  Read Full Summary

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  1. Before it airs on TV, check out a whole new crop of Denver goodies, from mass makeouts and naked roommates to pooping problems.

  2. The roommies reunite to talk smack, hook-ups, breakdowns and update us on their at-home relationships.

  3. With hot hookups and tear-filled meltowns, the roommates leave Denver in style.

  4. Randy and Melissa count down the top five most unbelievable make-outs in Real World history.

  5. Get your first look at photos from the reunion. Don't miss the reunion Wednesday at 10pm ET/PT on MTV.

  6. The Real World: San Diego's vivacious punk rock roommate may have lost her battle with cystic fibrosis but she won't soon be forgotten.

  7. RW creator Jon Murray answers your questions and Saul, Trishelle and Zach run through some of the finale's best moments.

  8. The Vegas roommies reunited in Sin City five years later. Watch the full episodes, check out updated photos and more.

  9. Denver has a house full of lovers and fighters, and you can catch some of the season's hottest moments right here.

  10. If you've seen an issue on The Real World that affects you or someone you know, check out thinkMTV for resources to help you deal with your own real world.

  11. Catch all the highlights The Real World: Denver season.

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    Check out photos from the Real World Denver!

  13. Watch the Casting Special to get up close and personal with the Denver roommates.

  14. Randy and Leah take you through the top five most criminally insane moments in Real World, Road Rules and Challenge history.

  15. Who are this season's seven strangers? Get to know the new roommates who are takin' over The Mile High City.

  16. All the hookups, hearbreak and house drama happen right here. Take an inside look at the Denver house.

  17. Watch video from the Real World Denver.

  18. Watch Leah and Randy count down the best and most heart breaking break-ups in Real World history.

  19. Get ready for this season by checking out the action from The Real World: Key West.

  20. Get the latest Real World casting info right here.

  21. Can't get enough Real World in your life? Get Real World You Never Saw DVDs, tell-all books and more from the past seasons of The Real World.

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  1. It's been hookup central in the Denver house lately, and Brooke is feeling left out of...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Things heat up in the Denver house when Colie catches Alex and Jenn mid-makeout in the...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Out on another evening at the club, Colie tells Alex that her ex-boyfriend, Corey, is...  Read Full Summary »


About Real World: Denver

  1. On this season of The Real World, we're heading to the Mile High City where our seven strangers will not only discover a Rocky Mountain high in the trendy nightlife scene, but will work with kids who were affected by Hurricane Katrina as Outward Bound counselors. Get ready for a season packed full of adventure as the The Real World reaches new heights, literally, as the roommates scale mountains and learn to live in the wilderness.

    However, the true test of their survival skills will come back in the house as hasty hook-ups and deep-rooted conflicts make living together a challenge of sometimes epic proportion.